Jailbreak your Apple iPhone 2.02

The new PwnageTool 2.0.3 has been released and it can now jailbreak the latest iPhone 2.0.2 software so it can be used for the 1st generation iPhone and the new iPhone 3G.

This version provides support for iPhone/iPod firmware 2.0.2 5C1, it has an updated Installer.app beta (b6) and contains a new .de localization for our large amount of German friends. The application SHOULD ONLY be downloaded as a .tbz file from our servers and should NOT be decompressed using the application called “œthe unarchiver” (this breaks permissions within PwnageTool) just use the standard OS X built in “˜Archive Utility’ to decompress. The SHA1 sum of PwnageTool_2.0.3.tbz is 91e670e0c623cd43f5e8cfbfaae6c23d98d8f31b

PwnageTool 2.0.3 for Mac OS X is now available as a Sparkle update, or a direct download here.

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