JAYS a-Jays One Earphones Review

Review: JAYS a-Jays One

Looking for an earphone? Consider the entry level earphone from Jays ““ the a-Jays One.


Jays, a Swedish manufacturer, is focused on making earphones and headphones that are reasonably priced without sacrificing sound quality. And they’ve hit the mark with the a-Jays One. The a-Jays One represents the entry level earphone of the a-Jays line up that promise heavy bass.

The minimalistic design of the a-Jays One suits my taste very well and will surely appeal people looking for a low profile earphone. The housing has a semi-glossy finish and the back has the Jays branding plastered on it. I personally would have liked it better without the branding”¦but that option is available for higher models. The housing looks tough enough to endure some punishment, but I’m a careful guy so I think this would last a long long time in my hands.

The a-Jays One comes with 5 pairs of silicone rubber sleeves in different sizes so we can pick one with the most comfortable fit. The silicone also works well in reducing ambient noise. I do not think that the silicone has enough hold to endure rigorous activities”¦unless you really stuff them in the ear.


One highlight of the a-Jays series is the flat tangle-free cable”¦this doesn’t mean that the cables can never be tangled though. But in the rare chance that the cables get tangled, the flat cable makes it easy to untangled. The L and R labels are found on the inner side of the cables, right after the point where it meets the housing. I wish they made the labels a little more discrete though.



The gold tipped 3.5mm audio jack is angled”¦this design has its advantages over the standard straight audio jacks. One advantage that I like is how the angled jack will not be so easily removed if the cables get tugged. The jack also designed to plugin a smartphone even with a cellphone casing or bumper on it.


The sound quality is deep with a bias for bass”¦which is OK because the product was designed to favor bass. The midrange is good and the treble is satisfactory because it lacks that crispness that I look for. On the flip side, the highs don’t make my ears hurt at all. Compared to the t-Jays that Liane reviewed, the t-Jays delivered a better balanced performance and a bigger sound stage but the bass was more prominent on the a-Jays One.


I really don’t like to get into the specs because it’s the sound that really matters, and the a-Jays One is really a very nice bass focused pair of earphone in that respect. But if you’d like to get into specification, you can view the a-Jays One, Two and Three product sheet here.


Overall, the a-Jays One sells for Php 2,300. For what it’s worth, I think the a-Jays One is a good pair of earphones. For that price, you get a well-built minimalistic earphone with a tangle free cable and a rich deep sound profile.

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  • Aris

    Php2300 for that? try CoLoud in-ear phones… they are Php999 and they sound better.

  • Ice

    Hi! Can you let me know on where I can purchased one of this in the Phils? I read reviews about this and they are compatible with the android phone.. Im using samsung galaxy s4..