JBL’s very own pocket speakers, the On Tour Micro

If you’re looking for a mini-speaker for your laptop or iPod but don’t want to be one of the thousands of X-mini owners, why not get one from a more premium brand. JBL just announced their very first mini-speakers, the JBL On Tour Micro.


This Pokeball-looking speakers (the top profile of the red one at least) is very compact and can connect to any music player, phones, devices having a 3.5mm headphone socket. Underneath the speaker is a space where you can easily stow-away the audio cable for a clean-looking storage. There’s also a carrying pouch that goes with a unit so you can safely store it when not in use.

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The JBL On tour Micro is good for personal consumption or a chill-out session with a small group of friends but there’s also the option to daisy chain it with other On Tour Micros for a wider coverage. A single battery charge via USB would last this speaker for about 4 hours, a far cry from the X-mini’s claim of 12 hours but that’s what you have to sacrifice for its compact form.


Pricing and availability are a bit hazy. We only got an estimated price of Php1,995 for the JBL On Tour Micro when the Orange color becomes available next week. Black Carbon and White Glacier colors will follow soon after while the Red Dragon might not even reach here since it seems that it’s a limited edition color. Shucks.

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  • Kenth

    Any info on the sound quality sir? Compared to the X-Mini line of speakers? Which one sounds better the JBL or the X-Minis?

    (Of course we all know that this compact speakers won’t be as good as the full-sized speakers, but we’d like to know if they sound decent and not like the mass-produced-tin-can-sound speakers sold sa mga bangketa).

    • sabi ng friend ko na umattend…. napansin nya raw sa jbl is that hindi nababasag yung sound kahit malakas yung volume unlike the x-mini (dunno which model he was referring to)

    • lemor

      good sound quality. owned one. 🙂

  • I like the design of those speakers.

  • Griswold

    cool looking mini speakers. i hope bumaba pa preyso. 2k is out of my budget for a portable speakers.

  • wow that’s my itouch right there (so yellow)

  • Clai

    Does this jump when the bass is kickin?

    • Louie

      i have one. and its not kicking. 😀

  • Jerome Comia

    Just bought the JBL On Tour today. The sound is very good and the base… just perfect for my iPad. If you’re looking for mini speakers, I suggest that you should buy this instead of x-mini even though x-mini’s battery life is longer because x-mini is too maintstream, hehe.

  • jepoy

    i owned 1 and guys your money is worth it. The sound is amazing. Voice clear, bass clear etc.compare to other mini speakers in the market I recommend this to all music enthusiast. In addition, even in high volume the sound doesnt crashed.

    • Blu

      I owned 1 the red colored tiny but HANEP sa performance na speaker,..its cool…