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JobStreet launches new mobile app for jobseekers on the go

JobStreet.com, the number one job site in the Philippines last, introduced to us their new mobile app last week that will help their subscribers find their dream job anytime, anywhere, through their mobile device.

According to a recent study conducted by JobStreet.com, there’s a growing number of Filipinos who own internet capable gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and that these Filipinos depend on online sources to seek employment.


JobStreet.com and other job portals are being relied heavily by job seekers instead of doing walk-ins and getting referrals. These candidates are also more likely to send their application via job portals or e-mail them to companies instead of personally submitting their resumes.

So why did JobStreet create a mobile app? According to the same study, candidates are triggered to apply for a job when they see job openings in their email or see job advertisements that they like. The JobStreet mobile app makes these things easily available to their subscribers. It’s free and it’s in sync with your JobStreet.com account.

With the JobStreet.com mobile app, candidates can search, browse, and apply for jobs. Yep, even while you’re commuting you can actually send your application for a job that you like using the resume on your account. You can filter fields such as job title, skill, location, and even expected salary to home in on jobs that you are most likely to apply for. There’s a location map which tells you companies near where you currently are that have job openings you might be interested in.

The JobStreet mobile app is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows platform.

JobStreet.com houses over 90,000 job postings daily from more than 22,000 companies. Personalized job matches are also received via the subscriber’s email address. You’ve probably acquainted with Lina already if you’re a subscriber.

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