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Jollibee responds to PR nightmare on YouTube

I posted a video on the Jollibee Scandal found at YouTube last week-end (see: Jollibee Scandal: Mascots humping on YouTube). The video has been online for two weeks and has sparked some debate between bloggers and the bee-loving consumers.

Jollibee Food Corp, thru an email, sent out this response to that scandal:

Dear Parents,

We regret to inform you that a video depicting our well-loved Jollibee mascots in a distasteful situation is now circulating online. The material is obviously no more than someone’s idea of a senseless amusement. Yet we cannot ignore the equally obvious risk of its effect on our children.

Jollibee created the mascot for kids, their wholesome fun and carefree innocence. We’ve worked hard and unceasingly for the mascot to earn your kids’ trust and love. It would be so sad to have all this swept away by one mindless prank.

We will not let this pass, neither will we let it happen again. Be assured we are taking all necessary steps to bring the culprits into account. One thing we know we can count on is your support in countering this threat.

Please help us spread the word that this corrupting material should not be passed on any further. This simple act of control will go a long way in protecting our children.

We apologize for any offense this incident may have caused, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


VP Corporate Human Resources
Jollibee Foods Corporation

I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do but by bringing the issue to the general public (could there be some printed version somewhere?), Jollibee has got people really curious about this YouTube video.

A quick check on my blog’s stats showed hundreds of searches (closing to a thousand now) for “Jollibee Scandal” from Google. So, by telling people not to link to the video, they’re actually helping spread the word about the humping mascots.

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  • I don’t know what’s funnier — the vid or this Tence guy.

  • Companies don’t know anything about the latest in PR. As, who was that again, said “Marketers and PR are old and a thing of the past.”

    And the Philippines is full of “old” marketers and PRs who are still living in the past.

  • They should let their customers own the brand instead of fussing over “brand image”.

  • Noysanuyok

    My advice to Jollibee is to go on the offensive: they should deploy their dirty tricks department and come up with a video depicting the mascot of Mcdonald humpin’ and thumpin’ a female crew. Obviously, this latest Jollibee caper was copied from the Disneyland scandal.

    Then we’ll have fun watching it on YouTube.

  • Can’t blame Jollibee for the reply. They need to protect their “reputation,” and if I were a Jollibee executive I would issue the same statement. Just imagine its impact on a kid who’d watch the video, “Daddy, gagawin ko rin yung ginawa ni Jollibee sa video!”

    Kinda reminds me of Dino Ignacio’s saga with his “Bert is Evil site.” Btw, the Jollibee vid appears to have been already taken down.

  • thadphole

    whats so offensive by that, bugs do’nt do it that way, ask an entomologist.

  • MmM

    Just don’t let the kids see this…

  • pinoymoneytalk: It’s still up.

  • Gwapo Boiboi

    I think its better to call all the service crew who handles mascot. Tawagin lahat sila at paaminin… Takutin nila na idedemanda sila isa isa kapag walang umamin at subject sila for investigation.

  • Michelle Cruz

    I think Jollibee did the right thing in issuing this statement. Jollibee’s brand image is built on a family-friendly fast food restaurant. Of course it has to protect its mascots, the very representatives/emblems of its brand to the world.

    I just think it’s shameful for these two employees to tarnish such a well-loved brand and a proudly Filipino one at that.

  • yaki!! pero gusto q pa ng sex scandal ng jollibee pero sana ano hindi na mascots sana ung mga custumers naman ang aking napapanonod nohhh!!!!!!!!v v

  • ehlee

    anu ba naman kayo,.. who ever did that,.. napaka toyo nyo,.. jollibee mascots ay para sa bata … di nyo da[at ginagawa yan… mga makamundong bagay… grabe yan ah…

  • yaki!! pero gusto q pa ng sex scandal ng jollibee pero sana ano hindi na mascots sana ung mga custumers naman ang aking napapanonod nohhh!!!!!!!!v v

    LOL eh parehong lalaki un eh. Gusto mo mapanood. hehehe

  • I’ve seen that jollibee scandal too.
    napaka immoral naman ang mga gumawa nyan, naturingan pa naman sila na empleyado ng jollibee.Pero walang kaso sa akin un, sa Jollibee restaurant pa rin ako kakain.

  • Katie Hanson

    I’ve had sexual relationswith this bee. My loins are still buzing from the experience.

  • jake

    What’s wrong with the scandal video… some of you ask. It’s videos like these that subconsciously provoke the youth to be promiscuous. No wonder many young girls are getting pregnant and STDs are spreading among young men and women. And you ask what’s wrong with this kind of provocative and immoral prank???