JuiceBoxx launches its affordable power banks, one’s powered by solar energy

Juiceboxx, a Canadian-based company just launched two portable chargers in the Filipino market as part of their world premiere. Both models have 4000 mAh capacities; but one, aptly named Juiceboxx Solar, has a solar panel that allows you to charge the device itself using only the sun.


The regular JuiceBoxx come with a sleek, easy-to-carry design in different colors to suit your taste. Everything is contained in a small little box that you can take with you in your pocket.


Juiceboxx COO Carol Lee introduced the two models with the help of celebrities Luis Manzano and DJ Tony Toni to tout the features of the devices which include adapters for Apple devices and built-in cables. We’ll be providing a review of the solar-powered version soon to see if it does what it claims.


These power banks are sold in your nearest S&R and Puregold stores. The regular JuiceBoxx retails for just Php999 while the JuiceBoxx Solar goes for Php1,999.

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  • Rod Castro

    Can I know what the button on the juiceboxx powerbank is for? Same with the 3 led lights.

    P.S. I cannot find the manual on the internet.

    • i believe the button’s used to turn on the LED lights so you would know how much battery charge is left.

  • Vanexe

    iOS7 won’t allow class A adapters for charging. I’m having it right now and it won’t charge

  • aldwinjay

    using Iphone 5 on iOS7, works perfectly.

  • Anna

    There’s a screeching sound when i plug the solar charger on my iphone 4s. What could be wrong?


    Is it true that this device may cause damage to your phone? I had one of this but unfortunately the cp I used with it suddenly not working anymore

  • lance

    Y does it wont charge using pc.after i chrged my ipad for just 46% then suddenly my juiceboxx turne ofd

    • lance

      I could not open my juiceboxx i cannot charge it using electicity if the juiceboyz was drained how come it doesnt turn d green lihts o even after plugging it own my pc en usb cord or chrger tru elctrcty.

  • lance

    Is it possible i could find a service repair center for my juice boxx power bank

  • Elaine Joie

    Is there any online shop wherein I can buy Juiceboxx? thanks.