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KakaoTalk lands in the Philippines, taps Sarah Geronimo as ambassadress

Before you say not another mobile messaging app, well KakaoTalk is not exactly new to this business and is actually the largest and number one mobile messaging service and mobile social platform in Korea. They could’ve come earlier than the others (WeChat and Line) but had to settle for today.


You’ve probably seen their TV commercial already featuring our very own pop idol Sarah Geronimo as local band ambassadress alongside Korea’s super group Big Bang. Yes? They are still looking for other celebrities to tap and they want your suggestions. I think whoever gets Daniel Padilla wins. Hehehe.

KakaoTalk may seem like other mobile messaging app in the market today. You can use it to chat and make calls with other users via internet, you can send photos, videos, and voice notes to your friends, they also have their own sticker shop featuring their own adorable characters (plushies also available), they have official accounts of brands and celebrities both local and international.


So how does KakaoTalk differentiate themselves from other mobile messaging apps? Well for one they have this poll feature you can use in group chats which can accommodate an unlimited number of users. If you can’t decide where to eat as a group or what movie to watch, use the poll feature.

KakaoTalk is also the only messaging app that can do group HD voice conferencing of up to 5 people. You can even use their voice filters to creep out your friends. Hehehe.

They are also the first to introduce animated stickers and they have lots of them. Pinoy stickers are in the works we were told.


Globally, KakaoTalk is present in 230 countries, servicing 13 different languages. They currently have over 100 million users with a maximum daily traffic of 5.2 billion messages. KakaoTalk is free of charge and is available on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Bada, and even PC.

So what do you think? Does KakaoTalk have a place in your phone? Go download it now.

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  • Chito

    Marian Rivera should have been the endorser because she is the most popular celebrity now and has 2.9 million Facebook fanpage followers.

    • jmark

      when choosing an endorser, it should NEVER be based on the number of likes on a facebook fanpage……. #facepalm ……they’re looking for celebrities who are “marketable” and have the charisma! Can we just set something straight, one, marian is NOT the most popular celebrity now. look at her movie track record, and right off the bat you could already tell she’s not “marketable” at all! two, marian and big bang in the same tvc? hello? that makes no sense.

      • countrymouse

        and you think those 2.9M facebook followers are real facebook followers? they do really exist as humans? are not fake? they lets not forget that a business thrives on the sale of followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks.


        • Totally agree with you countrymouse!

        • Lyka

          And how sure are you they are fake accounts? I checked Marian’s FB page and it has 561,605 “talking about this” while Angel has only 247,699 “talking about this.” Meaning there are more real human interaction (sharing and commenting) in Marian’s page than Angel’s. If there are fake accounts it must be on the least talked about page.

          • Red

            Well still, shes not marketable.

    • Lala

      I do think Marian Rivera is more marketable than those starlets we see on TVCs. It’s just her movie outfit sucks. She was given great movies before and she even won a box-office title. Her mall shows in the South last month broke number of crowd records, no other local artists have pulled off, that’s charisma! Her TV soaps still figured on top in scientific surveys, the masses love her. And about FB likes and sharing, it is a gauge on her social network presence. Marian is also the only local star known in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia, even appearing in their local Most Searched item in Yahoo. As for TVCs we all know most advertisong agencies are contolled by her “foes.”

      • Red

        “ONLY” local start know where? Let’s do research next time. Enough said.

        • Red

          “ONLY” local star known where? Let’s do research next time. Enough said.

  • av

    Fan ka siguro ni marian.. hehe..

  • Gerry

    Google’s most trending celebrity in 2013 worldwide among Marian, Sarah, Kim Chiu,and Angel is Marian Rivera while Angel has the lowest search index: http://www.google.com/trends/explore?q=marian+rivera%2C+angel+locsin%2C+sarah+geronimo%2C+kim+chiu#q=marian%20rivera%2C%20angel%20locsin%2C%20sarah%20geronimo%2C%20kim%20chiu&date=1%2F2013%2012m&cmpt=q

  • Radical

    Ang kulets, napunta ke marian and mga end0rsers un t0pic.. #foreheadpalm

    • Asher

      Basta makita mo Marian Rivera, mahabang topic yan hehehe. I actually like her.