Kaspersky Lab eyes market share growth in the local business sector

Most of us know about Kaspersky Anti-Virus being one of the popular choices for an antivirus at home. In business? Not quite so, but Kaspersky Lab aims to change that according to their recent press conference.

Kaspersky Lab is one of the leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions out there and they aim to grow their market share in the local business sector by 20% over the next two years. There are about 1 million registered businesses in the Philippines from small-to-medium scale enterprises to large corporations whereby information technology spending is expected to grow to US$3.63 billion by the end of 2011.


Jimmy Fong, Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia channel sales director said they have been receiving numerous queries for their services in the Philippines in the past months, owing it to the strong brand of their consumer-level Kaspersky Lab security products. He said they have gradually built their reputation in the Philippines to gain market acceptance in the business sector.

He said they will be extensively building more channel partnerships in the Philippines to accommodate the network security requirements of local companies.

“œThe way we do things is different. Yes, there are the other software security companies already having a marketshare in the Philippines but there is a lot more room to grow and we believe there are a lot more opportunities now especially with all types of companies now becoming more proactive in securing their business from high-tech attacks,” Fong said.

Kaspersky Lab recently released an updated version of its Kaspersky Lab Open Space Security (KOSS), a full security suite that covers multiple IT platforms. It provides protection against all types of Internet threats and can be installed in Microsoft Windows and Linux-based servers, as well as Macs.

It provides antivirus and mail-gateway protection for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Lotus Domino.

A unique feature of KOSS is its support for the most popular smartphone operating systems, such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian 60. This can effectively stop cybercrime from the smartphone endpoint especially when businesses, through their employees, use mobile devices to input sensitive data.

Kaspersky Lab Open Space Security (KOSS)

Fong says the new KOSS provides businesses with a new level of protection from malware and other threats.

“œBy providing protection to complex and multi-platform networks of just about any size, KOSS is ideal for the way we do business today, where we transact using critical data through laptops and even our smartphones. Everyone now enjoys a mobile working lifestyle where we just work from anywhere and anytime. With KOSS, businesses can enjoy convenient and hassle-free computing without compromising precious data from all types of malware attacks,” Fong says.

Alex Ng, Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia product manager said the new KOSS is developed for all types of industries from financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, utility, retail, transportation, and even government.

“œThe KOSS can be used for businesses of any size, be it less than 100 to more than 100 nodes. A node can be a PC, a server, or even a smartphone. With KOSS, all the security needs of a company is completely covered,” Ng said.

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