Kaspersky Lab launches Ferrari Edition of Kaspersky Internet Security

Nope this is not one of those straggler April fool’s article. Kaspersky Lab teamed up with Scuderia Ferrari to release the Special Ferrari Edition of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 in time for the Formula One 2011 racing season.

width="250"In fact, the cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and Ferrari started in 2010 when Kaspersky Lab entered into a commercial sponsorship agreement with the Ferrari AF Corse team at the Le Mans racing series in France.  After this successful debut, Kaspersky Lab decided to expand its partnership to include the Formula 1 championship. Then in November 2010, Kaspersky Lab announced that it would be an official sponsor of the world-renowned Formula 1 racing team for the next two years and their logo will appear in the team’s racing cars.

So what can you expect from the KIS 2011 Ferrari Edition?

Well it will have the same functionality as the original one but it will include a modified graphical user interface (GUI) that intersperses the green color of Kaspersky Lab with the blazing red hue of Ferrari. Yep, just colors mainly. It will have the same low resource footprint, which lessens the consumption of a PC’s processing power.

Other added features are for the racing fans out there. It will be bundled with a PC game called “œFerrari Virtual Academy,” a realistic racing simulation video game that features the Ferrari F10, the current car being used by the Ferrari Scuderia F1 racing team.

For more information about the capabilities of Kaspersky Internet Security, you can visit: http://www.kaspersky.com/kaspersky_internet_security.


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