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Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite has a couple of nifty features for Android users

With a lot of people moving to smartphones these days, it becomes more of a problem if one loses his or her smartphone. It’s not simply about losing messages and photos but also allowing somebody access to your online accounts such e-mail, social network, calendar, cloud storage, etc.


Kaspersky introduced their Mobile Security app for Android devices which comes in free and paid version. Even the free or “Lite” version has some nifty features that you may find useful if you’re an Android user.

  • Anti-Theft. The free version has an Anti-Theft feature that allows you to protect or even locate your phone when it’s stolen. You can send a special text message (with your passcode) to your phone that will render it useless for the person holding it. Or you can also send a special text message to wipe your data off it instead. Then you can also Find your phone by sending a message to it and it will reply to you via SMS its GPS coordinates.
  • Call and SMS Filter. Another cool feature of the free version of Kaspersky Mobile Security is the Call and SMS Filter which lets you add contacts to your black or white list. HTC phones have a built-in block caller feature but blocking text messages is twice as useful. It’s like the Spam button on your mail client. When you receive a spam text message, put it in your black list and you won’t be bothered by that number again.

Sounds really nice for a free app so what can the paid version do for you? Well you’ll get real-time antivirus protection, on-demand and on-access scanning, and regular antivirus database updates via GPRS or Wi-Fi. You will also get another feature for Anti-Theft called SIM watch which will send you an e-mail the new number of your phone if the SIM gets replaced and locks it.

The paid version currently retails for PHP433.70 in the Android Market.

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  • Griswold

    thanks! i didn’t know na may free app that could do this. been looking for a decent and trusted one for a long time.

  • This would be awesome hooked up to a camera and projected onto a club wall!