Kiko online calendar

If you are quite unsatisfied with your current web organizer or maybe you are on a lookout for something better, try Kiko. Kiko is an addition to the endless list of web based calendar/organizer.

Kiko Calendar provides all of the functionality of offline calendar software, and all the convenience of online access. Plus, it’s free!

What sets it apart from the others? It boasts being interactive – click on anything. It behaves like a native application. You can right click on it, drag it, anyway you like.

Kiko takes advantage of the current web technology star AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) to give you everything on one page. You can even change the colors interactively with no page reloading.

Kiko allows you to change the calendar view to daily, weekly or monthly. You can invite users to view your appointments. Great for team organizing especially if you take advantage of its ability to create groups.

It is currently still in beta but, hey, everything now is in beta. Registration is a breeze. No lenghty form to fill up, no email to verify. Just provide your email address and a password and you’re on.

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  • Jojo Forca

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