KINGMAX releases new Nano Gaming RAM DDR3 for over-clocking users

Taiwan’s top memory manufacturer KINGMAX recently unveiled the DDR3, a new Nano Gaming RAM designed for over-clocking gamers.

KINGMAX said DDR3 provides new user experience as it brings optimal balance between frequency and voltage.


DDR3 comes in two over-clocking clock selections “” the 1866MHz and 2133MHz “” and both comply with Intel’s XMP specifications with memory timing adjusted to 11-11-11. Both are equipped with 1.5V and 1.65V to increase overall configuration efficiency.

KINGMAX’s exclusive Nano cooling technology was also applied to bring better stability for Nano Gaming RAM.

KINGMAX likewise released different SSD selections in response to the different needs of gamers. SME Xvalue has an extremely high CP value, making it suitable for beginners.


The SMP32/SMP35 Client is able to provide better speed experience (reading speed reach 520MB/s), while the SSD SMU32/SMU35 Client pro is made for professional gamers with read and write speeds both over 520MB/s and 85,000 IOPS or input/output operations per second.

For more information, visit KINGMAX official website


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