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Kingmax UI-05, world’s most revealing USB drive

We normally don’t feature flash drives here in our site except for those with some interesting feature. The Kingmax UI-O5 do belong to that category due to it having a casing with a glass ceiling so you can see the innards of your drive.


Yes it’s just eyecandy but there’s more to it in the manufacturing process to keep things working even under sunlight. You see, UV or sunlight is not good for ROMs such as your flash drive as it erases data when under exposure. Kingmax solved that problem with their most revealing USB drive though.


The UI-05 uses an innovative IMLCC package technology that allows the glass ceiling of the drive to reveal its inner flash die and wire-bonding structure while protecting it. To make things better, the casing was made to be both waterproof and dustproof.

The Kingmax UI-05’s profile is quite small and a strap hole makes it easy to carry. The controller is not protected (there’s no cap) but it’s made to be waterproof so feel free to attach it on your keychain or wherever. If it gets wet, do make sure that the connector is completely dry before plugging it in.


The drive itself looks cool and nice although I wished they used that glass part to display the free space left. But as I mentioned, it’s just eyecandy.

Speed Test

We have the 16GB here but unfortunately, it’s not capable of USB 3.0 speeds, only USB 2.0. It has a blue LED indicator that flashes when there’s drive activity.

Using Diskbench to measure the disk’s speed on Windows 8, I was able to copy multiple files worth 5GB in a staggering 12 minutes.

Files copied: 14
Total size: 5062811974
Time: 739900 ms
Transfer Rate: 6.526 MB/s

A single 700MB file was copied in 1.6 minutes.

Size: 733622272
Time: 101257 ms
Transfer Rate: 6.910 MB/s

It’s just not a flash drive built for speed. But if you’re getting a 16GB flash drive, you’re more inclined to transfer a huge amount of files in one sitting so this drive is not made for those who are always in a hurry.

Good thing the Kingmax UI-05 is inexpensive. Octagon is selling the 8GB version for Php400 while the 16GB goes for just Php550, and both comes with a 5-year warranty.

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  • sinneD

    What the…!
    I just bought my sony 16gb, cap-less, ordinary usb worth P600. But these…, too bad for me.

  • Neil

    Ala 32gb? Pwede ‘to pangregalo kaso tapos na Christmas. 😀

  • Terragen

    I will buy 1 for sure 😀
    Pede na to pang store ng important documents 🙂

  • thejorlanb

    sakto, 😀 420 sa cdr ang 16GB, 1 year warranty lang… dito na ako, 550 @ 5 years.

    • Walrus Medalla

      not all stores give 5 years warranty on those devices.. for 5 years warranty are only given to the dealer but the buyer could only get 1-2 years warranty (own opinion lang po ^_^)..

      i would not go for this usb, mas tested ko yung durability ng PQI o Transcend. mabilis na mag transfer ng files, durable din. i have both my flashdrive for more than 2 years. may 1GB PQI flashdrive, almost 6 years na.. ^_^

  • Whoa!?
    I want one! This usb is so durable!, I mean even if I wear it as a dongle on my necklace and sweat gets onto it, it’ll still work.
    I wonder where I can buy one. A usb is still much more easier to bring than an external drive, although the capacity is a different issue.

  • Kenneth

    Got one! last stock nakuha ko, buti umabot pa ako.

    • nice!

      • aj

        san ka nakabili? sa moa wala e

  • Griswold

    ok ah, P550 na lang.. so yung mga 32GB mga 1k no? pero sana nga storage left na lang ang dinidisplay neto.