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Kristn, the most ambitious portal for Filipinos yet

I recently came across this yet-to-be-launched website/portal made by folks over at TV5 called Kristn. Browsing through the beta site made me grasp the wide coverage this lifestyle-centric portal offers to Filipinos.

kristn avatar

It’s like Yehey.com reincarnated with a hint of ClickTheCity, MunchPunch, Spot.ph and TravelBook.ph thrown in to fit the modern social media-minded Filipino. Not only is it content-driven with original articles and reviews but it also offers a directory of places, events and things, to go with the cute Kristn avatar.

kristn menus

Kristn is divided into 8 sections where you can begin your search: Food and Dining, Fashion and Beauty, Movies, Travel, Music and Events, Tech and Gaming, Men’s Corner, and Night Out. And in the simplest sense, Kristn is your digital go-to girl for anything related to those things.

krist screenshot

To drive in more readers, a lot of content will be of celebrities and by celebrities, including exclusive celeb-driven editorial sections.

kristn reviews

Perhaps what I’m really interested here, and hopefully will be the most successful part of Kristn, is the review and rating via crowd-source. A lot of local sites have this in place but still can’t seem to be a reliable source of quantifiable personal reviews. What Kristn offers is an achievement/reward system for reviewers in the form of badges, like in FourSquare. However, some of these badges will entail perks such as discounts, events access, and freebies. Those who want to share their personal thoughts about a certain restaurant, movie or a gadget purchase will definitely want to make their own contribution here. I would.

To make things more accessible, Kristn will also be available in the iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. And as part of their future plans, big ones that is, it will also spawn its own TV show.

Told you it’s one very ambitious portal. One that we hope will reach its full potential. Oh if you’re wondering why it’s called Kristn, it all goes back to Manny Pangilinan’s speech in last year’s ad congress where he narrates about a typical girl named Christine who’s lifestyle heavily revolves around the internet.

Watch out for Kristn.com once it goes live real soon, like probably next week soon if things go as planned!

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  • Interesting. I came in expecting this to be like Symbianize, but Kristn looks prettier and even has a mobile app.

  • Yup, Kristn will soon have her own TV show. That is, on GMA-7, we heard.

  • Jake

    I signed up for the beta and they told me that I will receive my log in credentials within 24 hours. its been 24 hours and there’s nothing. Does this mean that I was not chosen as a beta tester?

    • maybe they don’t need beta testers now with the launch just around the corner. or maybe it went into your spam.