Last day for Guest Bloggers

Today’s our last day for the Guest Bloggers to send in their contributions at PTB.

If you’ve signed up but haven’t written anything yet, you can still catch up in the last 24 hours. All Contributor status will be downgraded back to Subscriber by Friday midnight.

Thanks to all those who participated.

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  • salamat, sir abe =)

  • salamat din Abe. Would have loved to post some more but my Christmas schedule is killing me.

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  • Sigh… I wish I saw this earlier. It was only recently I stumbled on this website. It’s good to know that there are geeks out there who translate into human language what the rapidly evolving face of technology can do for the Filipino people. What I was supposed to submit, I just posted in my blog. Give it a read. It might be your cup of tea.


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