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League of Legends Rampage 2013 Event Highlights

Garena staged the biggest League of Legends event, Rampage 2013, last Saturday at the SMX Convention Center where teams duke it out at the Season 3 Nationals to see who will represent the country in the Vietnam Regionals. There was also a League of Legends cosplay competition to the delight of the attendees.


It was a huge success, if you were able to get in that is. The event organizers had to stop selling tickets as early as noon to the dismay of the hundreds of LoL fans waiting outside the center. I learned that it was the call of SMX to limit the people inside to 5,000, which is way lower than the 8,000 attendees last year. Garena PH had no choice but to stop selling tickets and not allow people without tickets to enter. I even had a hard time getting inside when I arrived at around 3PM. The funny thing is, it was still way too spacious inside.


Those who got inside were able to avail themselves of LoL merchandise but even that didn’t go as smoothly as expected. There were just too many attendees looking to have their own LoL merchandise for the staff to handle.

Season Three Nationals

Anyway, it was business as usual for the League of Legends Season Three Nationals where Team Exile took the grand prize of Php15,000, along with 5 Razer Naga Hex League of Legends Edition, 5 21.5″ Philips monitor and a trip to Vietnam where they will represent the country in the Regionals. Coming in at 2nd place is Team Mineski ““ Razer and at 3rd is Manila Eagles edging out fourth place MSIEvoGT.


  • 1st ““ Team Exile
  • 2nd ““ Team Mineski-Razer
  • 3rd ““ Manila Eagles
  • 4th ““ MSIEvoGT

Cosplay Clash

Another highlight of the event was the Cosplay Clash where over 50 cosplayers showcased different champions in different skins. I covered this portion of the event in detail here along with photos of the cosplayers.


Lissandra the Ice Witch came out the champion and took home the Php15,000 cash price. Shyvana came in at 2nd (Php10,000) while Akali in nurse skin came in at 3rd (Php5,000). Visit Calvin’s Hub FB Page if you want to see the cosplay photos.

Major Sponsors


Major sponsors at the event include Razer who also sponsored prizes for the tournament as well as raffled off premium items to the attendees.


There’s also Cooler Master who showcased their gaming peripherals and awesome-looking chassis inside the hall.

Congratulations to Garena PH for a still successful Rampage event. Hopefully, problems encountered in the sale of tickets and merchandise can be avoided next year.

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