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Lenovo DOit Apps – SHAREit, SECUREit, SYNCit, SNAPit Camera and SEEit Gallery

Lenovo recently introduced DOit Apps, a suite of apps that provides additional productivity and security to its tablet and smartphone users. The DOit suite of apps is comprised of five apps ““ SHAREit, SECUREit, SYNCit, SNAPit Camera and SEEit Gallery.


SHAREit allows a faster way of transferring photos, videos, documents and other data via the device’ WiFi. SHAREit provides speed of up to 40x faster than Bluetooth. Aside from Lenovo smartphones and tablets, SHAREit also works with iOS devices and even Windows PC.

SECUREit protects devices against viruses, malwares and other threats. It has anti-theft feature and also makes devices run faster by closing redundant background apps and clearing the device’s cache/ memory

SYNCit allows users to backup contacts, SMS messages and call logs in the cloud. The backed up data could then be restored to any Android device. The SYNCit feature is particularly useful when
setting up a new device.

The SNAPit and SEEit Gallery provides a better photo experience by offering additional functionalities, filters and effects, editing tool and photo management.

“œLenovo continues to innovate to lead in the PC Plus era, churning out new and exciting products in the market to provide our customers a premium mobile experience. Our DOit apps is the perfect pair to our elegant and powerful smartphone and tablet devices that make our products incredibly simple to use and compatible with virtually any other device a user wants to share and sync with,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines. “œThe DOit series of apps zeros in on the ways people use their devices, making their experience safer, more efficient and just overall better.”

SHAREit comes preloaded on all new Lenovo Android tablets while SYNCit, SECUREit, SNAPit and SEEit Gallery are only available preloaded on selected Lenovo devices. However, you can always download the DOit apps for free at the PlayStore or App Store.

To know more about the DOit suite of apps, click here.


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