Intel Online Connect Promises A Better Authentication Experience
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Intel Online Connect Promises A Better Authentication Experience

Lenovo and Intel come together to deliver a simpler and safer online authentication experience, with FIDO-certified authenticators and Intel Online Connect.

These authenticators integrate directly into Windows PCs, and then activate when logging onto popular websites. As of this writing, the FIDO authenticators currently work with names like PayPal, Google, Dropbox, and Facebook. Notably, Lenovo carries the reputation of being the first PC company to use these authenticators. Thus, in partnership with Intel, Intel Online Connect will soon come packed with 7th and 8th-gen Intel Core processors.

Basically, Intel Online Connect will go beyond passwords and employ fingerprint readings during security checks. Using Universal Authentication Framework, Intel Online Connect users can simply place a finger on an integrated fingerprint reader. Afterwards, a single click in real-time will complete the verification. These measures promise increased user protection and reduced fraud.

Other than private consumers, merchants will also benefit from this technology. With authenticators built within PCs, merchants gain access to enhanced security measures. For example, those who regularly use their computer for social media, online banking, and shopping will rest easy knowing Intel and Lenovo keeps them protected.


Systems compatible with Intel Online Connect include:

  • Yoga 920
  • IdeaPad 720S
  • ThinkPad Variants: X1 Tablet (2nd generation)
    • X1 Carbon (5th generation)
    • Yoga 370
    • T570
    • P51s
    • T470s
    • X270
    • X270s

Intel Online Connect will be available via Lenovo System Update and Lenovo App Explorer. This specific update requires a laptop with 7th and 8th-gen Core Processors and Intel SGX.3 enabled.

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