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Lenovo offers PC leasing options to companies

In an effort to better serve its growing corporate customers in the Philippines, Lenovo offers leasing options and flexible financing terms for companies looking to get more out of their IT budget as they plan for personal computer (PC) refreshes and Windows 7 adoption this year.

According to industry analyst Gartner, Windows 7 has been getting positive reviews, with many organizations noting that they have plans to start production deployments. Gartner also added that most organizations should be planning and testing Windows 7, and should be moving away from Windows XP by the end of 2012.

Lenovo Philippines country general manager Vicky Agorrilla said: “œLeasing Lenovo PCs can be the foundation for a smart PC management strategy.  This replaces costly up-front expenses with affordable monthly payments while at the same time reduces total cost of ownership and conserves cash and credit for other core investments.”

Lenovo’s leasing options spell out a comprehensive PC management strategy that not only includes up-front savings but also reductions in lifecycle costs such as asset administration, management, and disposition.

Lyceum of the Philippines University case summary

Lenovo PCs at LPU e-library

Prior to 2007, LPU’s procurement of computer hardware caused elevated expenditures and extensive equipment maintenance. Additionally, the accelerated obsolescence of computer equipment made the situation challenging.

Confronted with a dilemma on how to meet the school’s ever-growing IT requirements ““ such as securing computer units for use in its IT labs and processing extensive data transactions in its system wide operations ““ while maintaining an affordable cost within budget, LPU decided to sign up for a three-year leasing contract with Lenovo.

LPU awarded its second leasing project ““ the largest computer deal for the University to date ““ in favor of Lenovo even before the university’s existing three-year PC leasing contract with Lenovo expired in 2010. LPU’s second leasing project accounts for 700 PC units, almost a threefold increase from the previous contract[1]. Today, the University has about 1,200 desktop and laptop PCs, all of which are Lenovo products.

“œWe are happy to be the brand of choice of LPU,” Ms. Agorrilla said. “œThis partnership not only allows us to contribute to the cultivation of young minds and development of talent, but also reaffirms Lenovo’s leadership and commitment in the private education sector in the Philippines."

Lenovo provided the school with a specialized PC leasing solution that included affordable payment terms, minimized the need for manpower while providing high performing IT equipment and professional after-sales support.

“œWith Lenovo’s solutions in place, we are looking forward to the development of the school’s overall information technology performance," said Felipe Lorenzo VI, Director of Information Systems Management, LPU. “œThe staggered payment of Lenovo’s PC leasing solution is also very effective and has translated into savings for the University.”

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