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Lenovo Quest for the Oldest Thinkpad Awarding

This morning Lenovo launched the Thinkpad Edge 11.6″ and consequently, it is also the awarding of the Lenovo Philippines’ contest “The Quest for the Oldest Working ThinkPad“. The event was held at the Digital Alley at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City.

Out of the 10 Finalist, the top three went home with their new Thinkpads. The first prize winner took home a ThinkPad T410 while the 2nd and third prize winners went home with their new Thinkpad Edge 14”.


The third prize winner was Ms. Mayette Raquindin and her entry is a ThinkPad 600.


This ThinkPad 600 is a 1998 model which runs on Windows 98 with an Intel Pentium II 300 MHz processor and a 5.1GB hard drive. In 1998 that was huge already, since Windows 98 occupies only about 240Mb.

The second prize winner was Ms. Karmine Lacsamana, her entry was a ThinkPad 365x, a Pentium 133 laptop with only 1GB of hard drive and with Windows 95 installed.


And the first prize winner is an entry by Brian Ang, a ThinkPad 380ED – Pentium 166 MMX.


You can see how old this ThinkPad is, and Brian did not just bring the laptop he brought with him the original IBM laptop bag.


The other finalists did not go home empty-handed. Lenovo gave them brand new Lenovo trackpoint, a magic mug and a couple of gifts. Digital Spidey has more photos of the event.

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