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Lenovo taps Kobe Bryant to enhance smartphone and tablet brand

Lenovo just announced that the company has sealed a deal with LA Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant to a marketing partnership to launch Lenovo smartphones and tablets and to enhance the Lenovo brand in China and Southeast Asia.


Kobe Bryant joins the small list of sports celebrities to promote a smartphone brand. Last April, Samsung invited Miami Heat’s LeBron James as spokesperson for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it has been a successful marketing partnership.

“œI am excited to partner with a market-leader like Lenovo,” said Bryant. “œI work to pursue excellence in all that I do, and I believe that Lenovo shares that brand DNA and is going to set itself apart as a technological leader for smartphones across Asia.”

Lenovo is known for its affordable entry-level to mid-range smartphones but in this year’s CES, they unveiled their flagship super-slim IdeaPhone K900 with its 5.5-inch IPS screen, an impressive camera running on an Intel Atom processor. We’ll probably see this phone heavily marketed in China and Southeast Asia with Kobe Bryant’s help.

Additionally, Lenovo remains laser focused on tablets with many new Android and Windows-8 devices, such as the IdeaPad Lynx and ThinkPad Tablet 2 and will work with Bryant to profile these PC Plus products.

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  • Anti_kimchi

    THAT IS THE DUMBEST REASON TO BUY A LENOVA. KOBE DIPSHIT BRYANT. WHO CARES?? NBA. NATIONAL BLACK ASSOCIATION. Oh. My ancestors were slaves so now you owe me the world. Bullshit!

    • dirkty

      lay… of… the… pipe!

  • JUNE

    I would prefer believing if its Chuck Norris who introduces this product LOL…. Have Adrian Lamo instead…

    • Terragen

      I agree

    • thejorlanb

      should have been kd , lal is on its losing streak. but i guess it is because china is kobe’s market.

      why not zoidberg?