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LG cuts price on Optimus 2X and Optimus Black, Gingerbread update imminent

I’ve been seeing this price drop on the LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black lately so I wondered if you already know about it.

width="500"The dual-core LG Optimus 2X is now at Php24,990 from its previous price of Php27,990. That’s a huge difference from other dual-core phones like the Samsung Galaxy SII which you can get for Php28,000 at the cheapest and HTC Sensation which is at Php26,500.

The LG Optimus Black which holds the brightest display on a smartphone is now at Php17,990 from Php19,990. This makes it a really tempting buy if you’re in the market for a decent thin-and-light, 4-inch, 1GHz phone on a known brand. The HTC Desire S and Samsung Galaxy S costs about Php2k more.

What makes these phones more attractive aside from their price drop is the upcoming Gingerbread update. LG announced that the Android 2.3 update will be available for these phones early next month.

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  • Griswold

    The Optimus Black is getting more and more attractive at the moment. Kaya pa kayang ibaba yan for 15k bago magpasko?

  • pman

    I’m feeling sorry for these phones. These are good. Kaso natabunan ng HTC at ng Samsung for one simple but key reason: Gingerbread. Kung na-launch sana to with 2.3, very good deals to…

    If I were LG, I’d skip 2.3 and go straight to ICS for these. Soon.

    • mjborja

      The upcoming gingerbread update is what makes these smartphones inconvenient to buy, especially for android fanboys. Releasing the gingerbread update close to the android ICS release date confirms that it will take a long time before LG release an ICS update for these phones if ever they are planning to do so. A decent phone to buy if your contented with gingerbread, but if your anticipating for an ICS release, better think twice.

      • those who are waiting for ICS are just the Android fanboys. normal Android users don’t care for ICS. we don’t even know how much it will impact current smartphones right now.

        • Mike

          The main thing I’m expecting from the update, aside from the UI changes, is the improvement in battery life. As it is, the battery life is less than appealing.

          • karll

            any word if the official Gingerbread update for the Black is already available here in the Philippines?

          • Gringgo

            I just recieved an email from lg custom care from philippines and they said that gingerbread for LG P970 or LG optimus black will be release on the last week of october to november. I think we’ll just have to wait and check the LG mobile site anytime soon.

  • RJ

    Early next month? This article is dated Sept. 15. Anung date na ngayon? October 26 na. Asan na ang “early next month” na pangako nila? Napako na ba?? :'(

    • baka nga napako na.

      • benj

        kalokohan ng LG nagtanong din ako tapos nagreply sila sakin sabi last week of december daw magiging available hanggan ngayon wala pa rin. pppfft!

        • RJ

          Someone should sue LG for false advertisement! Grabe sobrang delay na sila!

          • bhigz

            I totally agree with this. I want LG to hold its promise. I’m waiting for this and January na wala pa rin.. ano ba yan???