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LG does its own BlackBerry imitation with the Optimus Pro

Android smartphones are pre-dominantly full touchscreen-based but there’s still a market for devices having a portrait keyboard. Like BlackBerry or Nokia E-series users who wants to make the switch to Android. Right now, popular Android phones sporting the Blackberry-esque front QWERTY keyboard are the Samsung Galaxy Pro and the recently launched HTC ChaCha.

Right now, LG is joining the fray with their LG Optimus Pro. Not yet launched here but knowing LG’s propensity for keeping up with the big brands, expect to hear about it soon.


The LG Optimus Pro is a QWERTY phone sporting a 2.8″ landscape display and will be happily chugging along with its 800MHz processor. It will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 3-megapixel camera. Other than that, things are pretty ordinary but check out the concaved keypad which makes for smoother thumb-typing.

This is just a heads up for those who are in the market for mid-range QWERTY Android and we can expect LG to price it very competitively. We’ll give you more details as soon as LG officially launches it here.

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  • Anonymous

    blackberry imitation? LOL

    • StratoSpHere

      Blackberry Bold Touch: iPhone/Andoid Phone imitation??????? LOLOLOLOL

  • So… is this LG’s first android phone with gingerbread out of the box? 🙂

  • Pinoy Persuasion

    Imitating a dying phone company?

  • cyborg

    Why do you say it’s a Blackberry imitation? It doesn’t even look like one. qwerty keyboard =/= blackberry