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LG donates $500,000 to Red Cross PH to aid Yolanda victims, will install solar panels too

LG Electronics has pledged to support the distraught victims of the severe Yolanda typhoon by giving a cash donation of $500,000 (approximately P22 million) which was coursed through Philippine Red Cross.


LG Electronics Philippines managing director Sung Woo Nam (right) presents $500,000 check to Philippine Red Cross chairman and chief executive officer Richard Gordon (left) signifying support to victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

In addition to that, LG electronics also committed to install its Solar Power System worth $100,000 (approximately PHP 4.3 million) in major evacuation centers to address the issue of electricity shortage. Solar power generation is one of the most environment-friendly renewable sources of electricity. Upon installation, LG Solar Panels can directly convert sunlight to electricity, while the accompanying charge controller, batteries, inverter, and loads will be able to sustain it. This activity will be done in cooperation with the Department of Energy.

On top of that, LG employees have made their own individual contributions and raised a total of $10,000.


LG will install solar panels such as these ones found in Palawan City Hall in major evacuation centers affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

When the overwhelming situation stabilizes, LG will undergo community rehabilitation with “œLG Service Camp”, an annual CSR program dedicated to victims of calamities. Now on its third year, LG Service Camp will offer free appliance and mobile phone cleaning and repair to all affected LG customers. LG employee volunteers will also extend services to Medical Missions and free Labada Days. Donations of LG TVs and washing machines to evacuation centers will help make the evacuees’ stay more comfortable while waiting for their homes to be restored.

“œTyphoon Yolanda is said to be the strongest and most catastrophic typhoon in the world for 2013,” Sung Woo Nam, managing director of LG Electronics Philippines, stated. “œIt has affected thousands of Filipinos and caused them insurmountable levels of distress. As a unified corporation and community, we will do all we can to help them rise above this adversity.”

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  • Griswold

    salamat LG! Mabuhay kayo! 😀

    • nicE effort LG thank you very much

      • Jell

        Thank you so much for the big help LG! More power to your company!

        • nice donation and becoming good relation.. thanks LG

  • CopyCat-droid

    My first android phone was LG, our first flat screen CRT-TV was LG
    and our first SMART LED 3D TV is LG. Thanks LG.

    Nasaan na ang buwakaw na SAMSUNG?

      • ou nga kabog nga si samsung sa dinonate ni LG na solar panel system wow..

        • Marc

          It doesn’t mean that the bigger the amount, the more powerful you are. It only means that LG has a big heart in helping for those who are need.

          • alam naman natin na kaylangan talaga ng mga na biktima ni yolanda and kuryente at ayun ang ibinigay ni LG thanks a LOt..

          • i read some article about LG and its awesome about their product innovation and helping people, that great for me..

          • Jell

            Thank you so much LG! More power to your company!

    • Joselito

      Doble dinonate ng Samsung 1Million Dollars

      • cimone

        lets be thankful sa tulong ng binigay nila, it doesnt matter kung doble or triple pa.. Just saying!

        #thank you LG!

        • yeah right but LG hindi matatawaran ang kanilang ginawa dahil sa solar panel system, and amazing talaga halatang pinag isipan nila kung anu yung maitutulong nila NICE ONE!!

          • Marc Daniel

            Whatever the company may be, what is more important is that they are possessing big heart to extend what they have for the people who are in great need. Thank you LG!

          • Judielle

            This is the best donation that I’ve heard so far, thanks to this amazing company 🙂

      • Red

        Pero let’s face it, ang brilliant ng idea ng LG sa pag install ng solar panels. Let’s just be thankful nalang sa mga companies na tumutulong. 🙂

        • Marc Daniel

          Yes you’re definitely right, it does not matter on the name of the company, it matters on the perspective that they donated.

  • hahahaha… Malupit talaga ang LG at may quality pa ang gawa…
    Sila ang supplier ng Lenovo…

    • weeh sila ba talaga maganda tlaga sa LG

      • Judielle

        Indeed. This company is providing better products with utmost quality that can never be replaced by other companies. Way to go LG!

        • Marc

          We are forever grateful for this! Thank you LG!

  • ejhie

    thanks LG! THE BEST kayo! this will be a BIG BIG help!

    • nagiging maganda din ung samahan ng dalawang parties nice one..

      • Anne

        Incredibly best! Thank you for the support LG!

        • Daniel

          Cheers to all the kind-hearted company! Hooray!

  • gems

    yolanda victims really need electricity there! so your solar panels are a great idea!!

    • May

      Knowing the fact that people are in deep need for electricity, we should all be thankful that companies such as LG are really helpful 🙂

      • Anne

        Solar panels as a donation? What a brilliant idea! 😀

      • jen

        thank u LG ur the best

  • jen

    thanks LG ang mabait nmn $500,000 ang laking tulong n to….. again thank you very much LG….

    • Jell

      You don’t know how grateful everyone is with your big help, thank you so much LG!

      • ou mgaling tlga ang LG, natuwa aman ako celphone ko LG.im a fan Of LG awesome..

  • tyn

    Wow! Big help to Yolanda victims.. thank you LG!

    • Daniel

      It was amazing when you created your products in an innovative way. However, it was a perfect move when you donated the solar panels for them 🙂

  • fanatic

    thats soo great of LG!

    • Jelly

      How good of you, thank you so much LG! 😀

  • elaHcM

    thats awesome! my phone is LG the one that looks like a BB and our TV also came from LG and it lasts a lifetime! thanks LG

  • veronica

    thats a lot of help! for the yolanda victims! thanks LG!

    • thank you very much LG we appreciate

      • Marc Daniel

        You just don’t know how appreciative people are with this help, a million thanks LG!

  • Jacinto

    thats great of LG! thanks a lot! that would be a lot of help for the yolanda victims! great quality great heart!

    • Mae

      An absolute help for those who are in deep need, thank you very much LG! For me, you are the most generous company that I’ve ever seen 🙂

  • Ray

    Now that’s a really good idea! This will be a big help to those affected! Thank you LG! 🙂

    • pinag isipan talaga ng LG kung ano ang maitutulong nila really awesome..

      • Ray

        Kaya nga. Makikita mo talaga ung effort nila para makatulong.

        Thanks again LG!

        • Jelle

          Those people who are extending their arms will definitely be blessed by the Almighty God. Thank you everyone, thank you LG!

  • silver

    LG not only extended its support with money but also the solar power system is a big help for the victims of Yolanda. Let’s just all be thankful na marming nagbbigay na companies.

    • Skippy

      Yes we must all pray for their recovery, a million thanks LG for the solar power systems!

  • stevie

    salamat LG! sobrang laking tulong nito sa Yolanda victims..

    • Justine

      It was an amazing feeling when everyone is extending their help to those who are very much affected.

      • Lawrence

        It truly is amazing to see everyone helping 🙂

        Thank you LG!

  • Tedd

    This is really good news! LG really exerted a lot of effort in helping the victims.

    A huge thank you to LG!

    • Kest

      Indeed a good news! This is a distinctive way to help, LG is indeed a first mover in all great things!

  • foye

    malaking tulong n to sa mga nsalanta ng bagyong YOLANDA lalong lalo n yung SOLAR PANEL….. good job LG ur the best.

    • Hardy

      LG Electronics really did a good job in helping out the victims!

  • carmen

    Solar panels + $500,000..salamat LG,malaking tulong po ito sa lahat ng biktima ng Yolanda.

    • its not all about money or something is about how can you help people loosing thier hope.we’ll very appreciated your effort LG god bless to us.

      • Kris

        God bless to your great company LG! Truly a kind hearted company!

  • sana LG marami pa kayo matulungan, thanks to LG

    • Charry

      You truly possessed a Filipino spirit LG Philippines, thank you so much!

  • andrea

    good idea for donating a solar panels to yolanda victims..thank you LG. 😀

    • Ann May

      The Filipino spirit remains when everything seems to be broken, thank you LG!

  • your the best LG great idea

    • Shane

      What a good way to donate, this can be used by the victims for a long period of time. Thanks LG!

  • zandie

    Its a big help, Thank you so much LG. God bless your company.

  • yolanda victims really needs your help thanks LG for your help..

    • Fatima

      May God bless your company always!

  • yolanda victims really needs electricity thanks for the LG solar panel system god bless…

    • hans

      yah right ganda n naicp ng LG noh my $500,000 na may solar panel system p… tnx LG

      • Jelle Ann

        In an unfavorable situation such as this, Filipinos are helping out in order for them to survive. And we are always thankful that many people are helping them to survive this unforgettable event.

  • i like solar panel, great idea its really help to them..

    • Christine

      You truly possessed a kind heart for everyone in need 🙂

  • awesome solar panel system thumbs-up LG, really nice..

  • LG is the best

    • dahil sa LG at ng iba pang tumulong makakabawi din and nasalanta ni typoon yolanda thanks for the solar panel and the money…

  • its really great more power to your company and god bless..

    • Faye

      Two thumbs up for LG Electronics! 😀

  • nagpapasalamat po kami at nakiisa po kayo sa pagtulong sa #yolandavictim nawa’y marami pa kayo matulungan..

  • i read this article and natuwa ako don sa solar panel system

    • Levi

      Ako rin natuwa. Makikita mo talaga un sincerity nila, na gusto talaga nila makatulong.

      Thanks LG, more power to you guys!

      • LG Lover

        I’ll be forever grateful for this solar panels, it was my first time to see this being donated by a reliable company. Thank you so much LG!

  • its not all about the money or something, the most important is how can you help people loosing their hope so we’ll very appreciated your effort LG god bless and more power to your campany.

  • Ronald

    Thank you LG!

    Nakakatuwa talaga tong balita na to. God Bless

  • Mark

    At least di napapabayaan ung iba pang needs nila. Good job LG, sobrang laking tulong nito. Keep up the good work!

    • chiz

      yup, maraming dmadting n mga pagkain at pera pero isa ding kailangan nila ay kuryente pra unti-unting makaahon ulit..

      • Mark

        Tama! Napaka sincere, pinagisipan talaga nila kung pano makakatulong. Really thankful sa LG 🙂

  • Eli

    Thank you LG for the concern 🙂

    This help will definitely go a long way.

  • shane

    people from tacloban really need this solar panels. thank you so much LG for donating.

    • bry

      Great job for thinking what the victims really need.. other than the necessities, kailangan dn ng mga nasalanta ang electricity to bring their lives togetner little by little..

      • Len

        LG really did a good job in providing the other necessities of the victims. Thank you LG 🙂

  • Lieb

    This is really a big big help. I hope everything gets better soon. Good job LG!

  • juswa

    daghang salamat LG!..such a brilliant idea for donating a solar panels for the yoland victims.

    • hazel

      thank you very much lg…. gandang idea to……..

  • kay

    money is easy to give but thinking on what really matters and giving it to those in need is really the true meaning of compasion.. thank you LG and may you have more and more supporters just like your supporting the yolanda victims..

    • Lay

      Very well said! “Money is easy to give.”

      Glad and thankful for what LG did. Hope that everything gets better soon 🙂

      Thank you LG!

  • jon

    LG Loves Giving.

    • Fred

      Wow. Very well though of. Really like the idea haha “LG Loves Giving”

      Thanks a lot LG!

  • wow bait nmn ng LG laking tulong n to… tnx LG…….

    • beth

      oo nga ei laking tulong tlaga nito my $500,000 and my solar panel pa….

  • gil


    malaking tulong na to sa mga nsalanta ng bagyo….

    god bless LG PHILIPPINES

  • importante maraming gusto tumulong salamat po sa LG we’ll appreciate more power to your company..god bless

    • ou bsta handa ka tumulong sa ibang tao maliit man o malaki bsta taos sa puso muh ung pagtulong moh. believe ako sa bnigay nla n solar panel gustong gusto yun..

      • Kim

        Oo nga. Maliit man o malaki basta sincere. Thank you LG! Thank you sa lahat pa ng tumulong!

  • Tim

    Thank you LG. This is a really big help and a really smart idea. 🙂

    • maganda yung idea nila tlga superlike ko yung solar panel nila.

  • ian

    super bait nmn ng LG nkakatuwa nmn……

  • thanks a lot for the LG..

  • sana paplagi may bagyo para palaging my handang tumulong kagaya ni LG thanks LG ur the best..

    • Dene

      Wag naman natin gustuhin na magkabagyo palagi.

      Pero maraming salamat talaga sa lahat pa ng tumulong para sa mga na apektuhan ng bagyo. Lalo na sa LG at sa solar panels nila. 🙂

  • Peem

    Glad that the Filipino’s are all helping each other and are still staying positive despite the situation.

    A huge thank you to LG for the installation of solar panels 🙂

  • lean

    gandang idea yan.. laking tulong n yan tnx LG

  • godbless LG laking tulong n ito sa mga kababayan ntin sa tacloban… thank u LG ur the best