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LG G2 lets global rave reviews speak for itself

The LG G2 is one of the best smartphones we’ve handled this year (review coming soon). It packs a lot of features and innovations with a friendly price. If you’re still in the fence whether to get the LG G2 or another smartphone as one of your big purchase of the year, maybe these review snippets from tech sites and publications all over the world might help you solidify your choice.


Stuff Magazine

The LG G2 made it to the number one spot in Stuff’s most recent list of top 10 smartphones.

“œIts 5.2in, 1080p screen is razor sharp, with superb viewing angles and inky blacks; its quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor handles demanding tasks with nonchalant ease; its 13MP camera takes amazing photos”¦ All that, and its battery just keeps on going,” the prestigious magazine quoted. It also hailed the LG G2 as “œpower-crazy”, “œclose to flawless”, and “œthe New King of Android”, among other hefty acclaims.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports recently published an online list of top 10 electronic products which featured 2013’s most exciting tablets, TVs, speakers, and cameras. Among thousands of reviews and ratings, the LG G2 was the only Android smartphone to make the cut.

Online sites

American technology news and media network The Verge acknowledges the G2 as “œa powerhouse on multiple levels” which “œchecks off every spec you could ask for”. Consumer electronics web magazine Engadget labels it as the “œswiftest Android phone we’ve seen yet”, while information technology website ZDNet positions the G2 to “œraise the Android bar”.

Dubbed as a “œbeautiful monster” by GSM Arena, the LG G2’s groundbreaking design stemmed from behavioral studies features the world’s first Rear Key, the only button on the device used for switching on and off, activating the QuickMemo, and launching the 13-megapixel Full HD camera. There are no buttons on the sides of the device for a more sleek and seamless exterior, and its bezel is the narrowest in the market.

Indeed, in a current market where a lot of smartphones don’t differ much from each other any more, the LG G2 was made to impress. And we can’t wait to finish our review to share to you guys our thoughts. Oh, this phone also won a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the wireless handset category.

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