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LG G2 Mini Quick Review

This youngling of last year’s champ is way less packed in terms of overall performance, but getting the same design and a KitKat machine makes it worth having a second look. The LG G2 Mini is definitely a casual gamer’s phone as it could run arcade apps and a couple of 3D action shooters (hello Dead Trigger 2 high settings), but its loudspeakers could be a potential game breaker for music lovers who love showing off their playlists in their workplace at 3pm in the afternoon. Being priced at Php 13,999 in this era of smartphones is a bit edgy, a tough competition against 4-digit-phones by local brands, but if you are really into LG, and its products, then this phone just might be the one for you.



The power/home button and the volume rockers are at the back are easy to get used to. I actually found it better than the side buttons offered by most smartphones today, especially in terms of comfort. The back pattern makes it really easy to grip, and the LG logo that clearly says “œWe made the best phone last year” makes it much more authentic and crisp to look at. The front face shows the typical layout of logo at the bottom, earpiece on top and front cam top corner.



I tried playing casual games, and apparently, like a standard for most quad core phones powered with trusted GPUs, it can run all arcade, platform and puzzle games. It gets tricky when it comes to 3D games, because I had no problem playing Temple Run 2 (does not really demand much), but Dead Trigger 2 made me play at low graphic settings just to be comfortable in kicking ass. (Automatic shooting is lovely.) Yes, the Mini cannot guarantee comfort when you force high settings in 3D games, but it is playable by choice. Aside from comfort, the loading times might annoy you a bit if you are used to beefed-up sets.

Daily Use

Android KitKat covers a lot of smooth interaction between you and the smartphone. Messaging and calling features are smooth. The transition between the interface and apps is smooth. The new email app is awesome. Everything is crisp from icons to navigation. Basically, if you are jumping from Jelly Bean to KitKat, expect a big difference of sweetness because G2 Mini comes with your favorite break.


Multimedia features such as the camera, the display, and the audio function is decent enough to give you what you want out of social media (and what it wants from you). The camera, together with the camera app comes with excellent shots and videos. Viewing your own pictures and videos with this 4.7 inch IPS LCD will make up for the downplayed specs as it is a decent set to watch movies with, but if you are a pixel and screen resolution monster who is used to 400 plus ppi, this might not make your cut. The music player app is refreshing compared to the older versions, but be prepared to use earphones or headsets because I am not really a fan of the loudspeakers it came with.


I could name a couple of smartphones from local brands launched recently that could definitely make me reconsider fast in buying this smartphone.
But if you are a fan of “˜mini’ phones and brands like LG (plus the awesome home button and volume rocker placement design), the phone is more than enough to do anything that social media requires and likewise play mobile games including our favorite Dead Trigger 2.

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