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LG introduces 2012 Smart TV lineup, features dual play

Last week, LG introduced their 2012 Smart TV lineup at Makati Shangri-La where we get to see what the Korean company has in store for its TV buyers this year. The event was hosted by Rovilson Fernandez and Bianca Valerio who showcased the different features the new LG Smart TVs have.

mark and bianca

When it comes to home 3D viewing, the LG Cinema 3D proves to be the most attractive option with their Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology and battery-free 3D glasses.

What separates the LG Cinema 3D TV from its competitors is their use of 3D glass called Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) which uses a polarized film on the screen to deliver different images for the left and right eyes. These images are then matched up with the battery-free Cinema 3D glasses resulting to flicker-free 3D picture, meaning no more dizziness and eye fatigue that might occur when wearing shutter glasses.

LG Cinema 3D TV 1

Their 2012 Smart TV lineup now has an almost borderless look, still has that same 3D technology but they also added new features and improved those from last year.

Dual Play

Dual Play would be the most interesting feature for console gamers. This feature enables two players to play the same game on the same TV but with different views. No more half-screen when playing 2-player Forza. You can also play against each other in Medal of Honor without seeing the other one’s view.

lg cinema 3d 2

How does it work? Utilizing games (there’s a lot across consoles) that supports split-screen, the TV treats the game’s display as full-screen 3D. Players use Dual Play glasses which looks like your ordinary Cinema 3D glasses but these can only display either the left portion (Player 1) of a 3D image or the right portion (Player 2). Quite ingenious but it works. Now you only have to keep a sharp ear for audio coming out from your side of the TV.

Improved Magic Remote Control

lg magic remote

Last year, LG has this Magic Remote control that functions like the Nintendo Wii-mote the control the mouse onscreen. This year, they incorporated gesture controls using the remote and also a scroll wheel in addition to the directional keys. They also included Voice Control on this TV via the Magic Remote for quick searches and commands.

Better 2D to 3D conversion

LG Cinema 3D TV 2

Converting 2D shows, games, and movies into 3D is not a new thing for 3D TVs. The problem is that conversion is a hit or miss for viewers. What LG did with their 2012 Smart 3D TVs is give customers a 3D Depth Control to adjust how much 3D they require, and also the depth of the audio which would be perfect for those with a 7.1-channel audio setup.

Pentouch TV

lg pentouch

Another new feature of their Smart TV which is only available to the Plasma version (PM6900) is the Pentouch TV where users can sketch, mark or draw onto the screen with a Magic Pen. This is quite useful during business presentations or classroom lectures where the presenter can highlight objects on the TV screen.


The new LG Cinema 3D Smart TV comes in 42″, 47″, 55″, and 65″ sizes with varying features included. Price starts at Php79,990 for the 42-inch LM6200 while the top-of-the line 65″ LM6200 goes for Php329,990. A Cinema 3D Smart TV package comes with the magic remote control and 4 battery-free 3D glasses. The 50″ Pentouch Plasma TV goes for Php79,990 while the 60″ version is at Php169,990.

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  • Andrei

    LG was late with the dual-view tech. -__- Philips showcased their dual-view tech March of 2011.

    Mahaaaal. :))

  • Griswold

    astig yung dual-play! sana kaya din bluetooth headphones para yung sound lang nila ang maririnig nila.