LG intros slimmer version of their Pocket Photo Printer

Over at the recently-concluded CES, LG introduced the next generation of its Pocket Photo Printer. This portable printer allows you to print photos from your smartphone wirelessly without the use of any ink cartridge.


The LG Pocket Photo 2.0 is very similar to the first Pocket Photo which we reviewed before in terms of functionality. The main difference is that it’s now slimmer with a rounded edge where the paper comes out, and comes in more colors. It also has a longer battery life now allowing you to print 30 photos in one charge.

Through the use of a downloadable app (iOS, Android, WP8), you can edit your photos before sending it to the printer via Bluetooth of NFC. It uses ZINK or “œzero ink” paper which allows printing without any ink cartridge. All the colors are on the paper and the device will heat it to bring out the correct color per pixel. Really handy and fun to use during parties.

It’s not a must-have device but with Filipinos being rather fond of taking selfies or taking Instax photos, it’s really a nice-to-have device for the smartphone user.

We’ll keep you posted on local availability and pricing.

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  • mav

    improved pocket photo! i really want to have this gadget! full HD photo! 🙂

  • sean

    another pocket photo! surely improved this badly want it!

  • jaja

    kakabili ku lng! T.T anyways I love my LG Pocket Photo, and this is my favorite gadget ever!.

  • wow bagong pocket photo… astig… bibilhin ko to…. another new innovation from LG..

  • bel ami

    much slimmer and full hd! love it 🙂

  • ken

    looks so sexy, bcoz of its much slimmer body 🙂 this would be much convenient to use!

  • vicki

    photo lover here! i like to have this photo printer, perfect for me .. collecting memories through taking photos.

  • Shanza

    Most of Filipinos nowadays are fond of taking pictures or selfies. Me, myself is a photo lover. My friends and I always take pictures any time and everywhere. Because of LG, printing of our photos is a lot easier and convenient! LG’s the best for innovating this Pocket Photo Printer. One of a kind. 🙂

  • Alexander

    So cooool! I will be availing this one for sure. This is a trendsetter for most people today who loves to take pictures.

  • Marco

    LG Pocket Photo Printer is <3. This the perfect mobile companion.