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LG KP500 Cookie, Priced and Released

Earlier on a product launch LG announced that their latest full touchscreen phone, the LG KP500 or LG Cookie, is already available for a very afforadable price of Php11,900. That’s not a typo. It’s a full touchscreen phone for less than Php12,000! The timing can’t be better.


But before you rush to get one, here’s a rundown of its features:

  • GSM Quad-band phone capable of global roaming
  • Slim and attractive form factor (smaller, slimmer and lighter than the iPhone)
  • 3″ TFT display (240×400) with only 256k colors (ugghh, wish they made it 16 million)
  • Active Flash UI, Accelerometer and Handwriting Recognition (there’s a stylus cleverly hidden at the base)
  • QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode
  • Decent, loud speakers for MP3 playing
  • 3 MP camera
  • FM Radio
  • 48MB internal memory but with expandable slot for up to 8GB microSD (not included)
  • 3.5 hrs. talk time but 350 hrs. standby
  • No WiFi or 3G (you’re gonna be stuck with EDGE/GPRS)
  • Bluetooth and USB 2.0 (no IR)
  • Available in 4 colors: Black, Vandyke brown (looks dark red), Anodizing silver, Elegant gold

Even though it’s not close to perfect, I think this one’s a winner. It’s not complicated to use since it’s simply a basic phone. The UI is pretty well thought-of and you might really enjoy using and discovering things you can do with it. I just wish they upped the colors to 16 million to make it really attractive.

I know only a handful of people who uses their phone as a 3G device or an internet browser so the lack of WiFi and 3G won’t be much of a factor. It really looks stylish and classy and would make a nice upgrade on your basic phone. Might make a nice gift for your dad this Christmas.


Calvin is a blogger who’s working as an IT consultant and blogs for a hobby. He has his own personal blog, Calvin’s Hub, where he writes about his thoughts on just about everything that interests him.

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  • Cristopher

    Hello Calvin,

    I really want to buy this phone, but I don’t know where to buy it. Could you tell where we can buy this phone?

    • chan04040404

      meron na ako yan!!! maganda ang quality pag binili mo yan!! kaso lang medyo mahal…..

  • christopher, it should be available on popular cellular phone shops.

  • how much is it supposed to cost?

  • archelle18

    where can i find this fone in Manila?

  • al

    I got the list of stores where we can buy the KP500. I’ll post it shortly.

  • al

    DG PHONECARDS – North Luzon
    SIENA – Greenhills
    GLOBOTEL – Market market, Parksquare
    PACIFIC PRIME – Manila
    SIR LANCE – Megamall, SM North
    OROGRAPHIC – Cagayan De Oro
    TEKPHONE – Davao
    AEROPHONE – Cebu, SM San Lazaro and SM Manila
    AUDIONET – Cebu
    WILTELCOM – Davao
    MOBILE NETWORKS – Southmall / Davao
    G & O

  • thanks al!

    AL is from LG so those list of places where you can get the Cookie should be correct.

  • Irene

    saan mga stores available to? i’m looking forward to having this phone!

  • Tyler

    Don’t fall for the hype guys, really this is just all hype.. you’re gonna shell out 11K something just for the NOVELTY of having a touchscreen phone? is it really worth the bragging rights? This one was almost a killer until they said it didn’t have 3G and WiFi! WTF? I’m gonna wait until next year when they come out with a better model that would have more use in the future (or until this phone is down 5K, which should make those who fell for the hype and paid 11K something think twice about falling for another hype in the future)

  • bernard

    i tried ADI TELECOMS-PARKSQUARE – Parksquare
    but cant find the cookie model? san kaya store meron?. thanks in advance

  • bernard


    i tried ADI TELECOMS-PARKSQUARE – Parksquare but there no cookie phone. san kaya meron? thanks in advance

  • ye

    san kya meron d2 sa cavite??

  • Ok na sana to, pero walang WIFI/3G sayang naman.

  • Raffy Garcia

    y wife and I just bought the LG Cookie before Christmas. Was quite satisfied with it until it would randomly reset, clearing all settings including text messages. It has happened to my phone about 4 times already. My wife’s phone also reset one time while using it. I called up LG about and was advised to bring the units to their Pasig office for a check-up. We’ll be going to LG today and hopefully they’ll be able to do something about this. Sayang naman kung ganito ang mangyayari sa phone ko every now and then. Paano kung may mga important messages ka (which is very probable) and they are suddenly deleted?

  • Kim Badillo

    Im interested to buy LG Cookie because Im quite satisfied with LG phones. Ive been using one for two years and its good. My only problem is I dont know where I can get one. Ive tried going to cellshops to ask but to no avail. Where can I get one? Im from Lipa Batangas by the way…. Is the price really 11,900? Please reply ASAP because Im considering buying Iphone.

  • Raffy Garcia

    We bought our cookies last dec 19 at Avant, Trinoma, for only P11,200 instead of P11,900.

  • Raffy Garcia

    Regarding the automatic reset problem we had with our LG cookie last week, we brought our units to the LG Service Center in Pasig last December 26. I mentioned to the service personnel that I found that this is a common problem for LG Cookie owners based on the websites/forums I’ve visited recently. Although the service engineer was not yet familiar with the Cookie, he said that it is most probably a software problem. So, what he did was he reinstalled the firmware. So far, it has been more than five days and we have not experienced any random phone resets.

  • Got my Cookie a week ago and its an amazing phone. I got some apps and games from http://www.mylgcookie.com

  • Weng arrabis

    Hi! i bought my LG cookie last dec. 23 for only 12,790 plus 358 for the 2gb memory card at the gateway mall cubao. ok naman s.arap gamitin.=)

  • nate

    i went to london this christmas vacation. then i was able to buy an lg cookie for only 117 pounds. can you believe that!? it was even less than 8000 pesos if converted! 😀

  • Arvin


    You’re right. LG Cookie is overpriced here in the Philippines. It cost 100 pounds as told by many posters in GSMArena. Based on 69 pesos per pound, it should be 6,900. Very overpriced. I will wait until local prices comes down to 8000 pesos or below.

  • lou

    ryt! ryt! ryt! resetz! settings resetz!
    i bought mine last xmas in mega mall,frm 11,500 to 11,300..face value lol!!! some of the stalls sale for 12,100.. can i plz giv me d exact location o their office plz! thnx!

  • Lyza

    i bought mine last december and everything is ok… the sad part about this phone is that it resets…..and i am selling mine already because im tired of customizing my profile every now and then… sayang…

    • Lyza, I think you just have to upgrade the firmware to have this fixed.

  • Mahender Singh

    I want to Know The Price Of Cookies KP 500

  • How about applications?
    can we install various applications readily available for pocket pc. Compatibility issues?

    As per the price…. seems okay.

    but if you are a tech junkie, never buy this thing. It’s just a little bit same with the clone nokias with tv and touch screen.

  • Debbie Dioso

    this phone is almost next to perfection (since wifi is not that so important for me)and i’m planning to get one yet i’ve read some information that it automatically reset?Normal ba talaga yun? sabi sa isang comment, kelangan daw i upgrade yung firmware?? panu???waaah…

  • i bought my lgkp500 last night!!!ntulog lang ako then pag gising ko it is already turnd off but it has a chrge pa!!!

    normal b un??

    • amp. normal lang cguro yan kc ung lg ko ganyan din.. kahit nga minsan ehhh.. bigla nalang nag o-off.

  • ige

    sayang talaga walang wifi
    ok lang sana kung tumaas ng konti yung price

  • The mobile has all the features that are necessary for everyone.

  • Aliehs

    I bought my LG cookie last december 30, 2008. its quite ok until i could not hear it ringing & cant hear voice in calling last august, 2009. Since it is still under warranty, i brought it to the store for repair, they said it was due to the speaker, its still almost 8mos of using. i was so dismayed with this one. It was sept 11,2009 until now for almost 3mos it was never repaired..

  • astroboy

    pag may wifi sa house.. pwde na bang mkagamit ng internet?? reply ASAP. pinagpipilian ko kasi kung lg cookie or iPhone.. reply pleaseeee.

  • Raffy

    @astroboy – the LG Cookie is not wifi-capable. If you’re looking for a wifi-equipped phone within the same price range as the Cookie, you may want to consider Samsung Star. Or if you have the budget, go for the iPhone.

  • sadia khan

    please do this phone till 30 pounds please i really wanted it

  • stella

    i have this phone na..
    now pa..