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LG launches world’s first Curved OLED TV and it’s freakishly thin

Last night we encountered the world’s first curved OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV and it’s from LG. Now you may ask, why would you want a curved TV? Well if you want that viewing experience you get from IMAX theaters at the comfort of your home, that’s what the curved TV is for. It’s the next evolution of home entertainment viewing.


The curved display basically fills even your peripheral vision with whatever you’re viewing when you’re at a comfortable distance. This will make whatever you’re watching more engrossing without distraction from people passing beside the TV.

LG Curved OLED

Aside from the curved 55-inch Full HD display which is gorgeous by the way, I also noticed how surprisingly thin this TV is. It only measures just about 4.3mm thin which is thinner than most smartphones. This is made possible with the OLED panel using 10 less layers than your conventional LED TV. It also uses 4 pixel colors ““ RGB plus White, making it 2 million more sub-pixels than RGB panels to give you richer colors. Being OLED, this TV also consumes less power than its LED counterpart.

The back of the TV is made of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic to add strength to the delicate-looking features or the curved screen.

LG Curved OLED back

The only thick portion is at the back where the ports are located and where all the magic happens. This TV can do all the nifty things previously seen on LG Smart TVs, but in a thinner package. It supports 3D viewing with the use of LG’s powerless 3D glasses. It has Time Machine to schedule and record your programs. It also uses LG’s magic remote with voice recognition to make navigation easier especially when using its Smart TV functions.

LG Curved OLED TV speakers

I also noticed the wavy transparent design of its stand which houses the transparent film-type 40W speakers, another world’s first from LG.

At the moment, only a 55-inch Curved OLED TV (LG 55EA9800) is available in the market but bigger models with 4K resolution will come out soon. This particular model costs a cool Php499,990 but if you’re looking for a model that you can mount, LG Philippines will release a flat OLED TV next month.

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  • CopyCat-droid

    Love this Gadget ! LG..

  • This TV is awesome…

  • Ray

    This TV looks really gorgeous!

  • Tedd

    The curve looks great! Want this TV!

  • Levi

    Time Machine and the magic remote.

    Awesome TV!

  • John

    It’s interesting how thin the whole thing is. The curve makes the whole viewing experience so much better!

    • Lieb

      Exactly my thoughts. It’s amazing how they made the thing curve. Looks great

  • Ari

    This TV looks drop dead gorgeous!

    • barbara

      i agree..super nice ng OLED

  • solid

    scary to touch hehe! nice that we have this amazing technology here in the philippines!

    • even

      true! galing talaga ng LG!

    • Rey

      It’s thin (which is actually amazing) but it’s pretty stable because of its stand. 🙂

  • jen

    wow astig… ang ganda nmn nito….

    • alexie

      kasing nipis ata siya ng 3 credit card…WOW talaga!!

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    really amazing… congrats LG!

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    super thin..galing i heard 3 credit card yung katumbas nung nipis nya.. astig

    • jordie

      first OLED TV.. super nice!

    • Tedd

      Yeah it’s only 4.3mm thick. Super thin, really impressive.

    • Tedd

      Yeah, it is 4.3mm. Super thin, really impressive. 🙂

  • Len

    It’s amazing to see a TV having so much functions. This is really remarkable.

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    consume less power!! lg brings the best!! after the rear key technology with lg g2,, curved tech nmn!!