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LG lets dealers experience whole Optimus lineup for 2011

LG held an Optimus Invasion Dealer Roadshow event at the Grand Ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel to feature their latest product lineup for this year.


(L-R): Mr. Richard Javier - Head of Mobile Division, Mr. Joey Uy - Chief Executive Officer for TCI-Orange, Mr. Sueng Chul Lee - Managing Director for LG Electronics Philippines, Mr. Nonoy Lazaro - General Manager for Microwarehouse, Mr. Jameson Say- Sales Director for TCI-Orange, and Mr. Andrew Song - Vice President for Mobile Marketing

The event featured the Optimus Black ““ one of the slimmest smartphones with a bright NOVA display, the Optimus 2X ““ the world’s first dual core phone, the Optimus 3D ““ the smartphone that brings the 3D experience to your hand, and the Optimus Pad – the world’s 1st 3D HD recording tablet with a dual core processor and the first tablet to use the Android Honeycomb OS.

We’ve talked about Optimus Black in detail before and also the Optimus 2X. We also had a look at the Optimus Pad as well. The LG Optimus 3D is the interesting bit here.


The attendees got to try playing a 3D game from the LG Optimus 3D that is hooked to a 3D TV.

The LG Optimus 3D is a smartphone that provides a real 3D experience at the palm of your hand. With the Optimus 3D you can shoot 3D content and view 3D images without 3D glasses. Yup, it has a 3D-capable display that doesn’t require any glasses. The Optimus 3D is also equipped with a dual core processor that can easily play back both 3D and HD content. Customers can also enjoy 3D content on the big screen by sending it via DLNA or HDMI. A practical device or just a novel feature?

No word yet on the price of the remaining two Optimus devices but LG reps are saying that the Pad and 3D will arrive around late July to August.


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  • To me the body of this 3D looks much better than HTC 3D. Only issue is the 1500 battery & Android 2.2.2. Wonder if there could be a even bigger battery and when an upgrade is coming.