LG Officially Debuts AI-Powered LG ThinQ Speaker
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LG Officially Debuts AI-Powered LG ThinQ Speaker

The LG ThinQ brand recently came out to prepare products developed with Artificial Intelligence as one of its core functions, notably the LG ThinQ Speaker.

With that said, LG launched a new smart speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Currently named the LG ThinQ Speaker, this device runs on Google Assistant and controls various smart hone products. In theory, this will also gain the ability to manage other ThinQ products.

To achieve this new venture, LG partnered with Google to ensure the best AI experience possible. Thus, on top of working with Google Assistant, LG also integrated their own voice-activated interface. In fact, this interface will work with LG’s current and future smart home appliances.

In terms of pricing, LG haad not shared specific details. However, they assured consumers that the speaker itself would appear at CES 2018. Basically, this just means that we’ll likely find out more once CES comes along.

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