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LG Optimus 2X and Black goes on sale, comes with elaborate mechanics

The new LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black Android phones are coming to town and LG is having another discount promo to kick things off. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fall in line from the parking lot only to get your hopes dashed after waiting for hours. This time everything’s done online.


From May 16 to June 20, you can get the LG Optimus 2X for as low as Php22,990 and the LG Optimus Black for as low as Php16,990. The operative word here is “for as low” because there’s a schedule as to when you can avail of the phones at its highest discount, Php5,000 for Optimus 2X and Php3,000 for Optimus Black. It’s not 50% off but these are premium LG phones we’re talking about.

Here’s the schedule:

NOTE: LG asked us to remove the schedule screenshot. Head over the Mechanics page to view the schedule instead. They’re only showing a few schedules at a time so if you’re really interested, check the page every morning for updates until June 10 which is the last day of this promo. The Php3000 discount for the LG Optimus Black will still be happening on the 29th at 10AM – 10:45AM by the way. 😉

Ok so what do you have to do? That’s where the mechanic enters and it’s not an easy read mind you. Don’t believe me? Here it is.

And here’s the gist:

  • Everything’s done online so all you need to do is visit http://lgoptimus.tmsmanila.com/ on the date and time of your preferred price.
  • The discount link will appear and you have to click that, register and pay online via credit card or PayPal. You have 45 minutes to decide to purchase before the link is given to others.
  • Wait for an LG rep to contact you and ask for your delivery address. LG will ship it anywhere in the Philippines for free.

That’s basically it. Of course if you’re still interested, read the mechanics for the finer print. No more waiting in line but expect not to get into the site at times. LG didn’t mention if they have a limited number of units like the Optimus One P500 fiasco but these are not cheap so it’s not easy to run out of… I hope. The LG Optimus Black looks really tempting.

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  • jor

    wow, tempting nga talaga ung Black. kulang pa funds ko sa paypal~~~~~~~~~

    • Messie

      You can pay via credit card naman. Naku, lalong papatok ang Optimus Black sa Pinas. at 19,990 nga madami nang namumurahan, pano pa kaya ngayong 16,990 na lang siya.

      Hmmmmm… timed discounts ha? Good thing it’s online na. At least LG is learning a thing or two from it’s past mistakes. Huwag lang siguro mag down ang site nila sa times na iyan at baka lalong masira ang image nila sa consumers! 🙂

      • hehehe i wouldn’t hold my breath on that. pag dinumog ang site bibigay din. parang cebupac during piso fare deals.

  • Anonymous

    Sr. off to the topic, is a Neo laptop good to buy?? with intel core i3.. it starts with 23k lang.
    it’s NEO Basic B4104N. consider the budget..

  • lgboy

    is this for real?hindi ba to scam site?

  • jor

    bakit ganun? nakalagay sa http://lgoptimus.tmsmanila.com/, you just missed it, eh tom pa naman ung unang sale. meron sila unannounced sale? or di pa naguumpisa ung promo lumalabas na agad un bug?

    • hehe baka trial pa lang.

  • Oro

    Got one Optimus 2X for my sister. Badtrip ang tagal nung Optimus Black. Parang mas sulit ang Optimus black if you don’t need 2 cores.

  • phets

    OMGOMGOMG! I think I’ll be having my birthday gift in advance! hahahaha! Thank you so much for the share, Calvin! 😀

  • I can view the Optimus Black Scheduled Discount Page, check nyo:



    • Holey Crapoley… that’s one major loophole!

  • phets

    Hi Calvin, I tried signing up for Paypal, but it won’t accept my debit card, so I’m planning to use my dad’s credit card. Would you know where I could get the “Authorization to Debit” form? 🙂

    • hi phets… sorry dude. i have no idea how debit cards work in paypal. 🙁

      • phets

        aww. no worries.. I’ll just try to contact LG.. 🙂

  • jr

    Looks like a lot of companies are racing to get great deals out to consumers, what with the release of a new iPhone fast approaching!

  • ask ko lang magaavail kasi ako ng lg 2x nitong june 16 para maavail yung 5k discount’ pwede ba gamitin ang smartmoney?

    • walang payment option for smart money