LG Optimus Pad won’t hit the Philippines, pre-order only option

Well we heard it from LG Philippines, they will not release the LG Optimus Pad in the country. They will, however, allow those interested to pre-order a unit until August 7, 2011 with a whopping Php15,000 discount!


Here’s the catch. And it’s a big one. Even if they’re not releasing the Optimus Pad here, their SRP for it is an outrageous Php50,000. Yep! 50 grand! But how much does the Optimus Pad actually cost outside the country? Well in Amazon.de, it goes for EUR791 or about Php47,000 so an SRP of Php50k is just right. However, Rogers at Canada is selling a term-less unit for CAD 599 or about Php27,000.¬†So when getting the tablet, don’t think of the discounted price of Php35,000 as a discount but treat it as the actual price for a dual-core tablet with 3D capability if you really want it.

We were able to play with the LG Optimus Pad a while back and aside from being your typical 8.9-inch Android tablet, it has a WXGA resolution (16:10 aspect ratio) and dual cameras that can take stereoscopic 3D photos. There’s already a pair of 3D glasses (polarized I would assume) included in the package.

So are you ready to pre-order? Visit this site and submit your e-mail. After the reservation date is over, the unit will be couriered to you which will take about 3 to 4 weeks. Payment is via credit card and online.

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  • Jh

    Whoa, 50 Grand for a lousy pad ?

    MIght as well get the Archos G9 10.1 XD

    • i wouldn’t go as far as lousy but the price is indeed mind boggling.