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LG Pocket Photo Printer Review

The LG Pocket Photo Printer is a portable wireless and self-powered printer that can print pictures from your mobile device in just a snap. It’s a perfect companion for those who want to print their shots quickly to give to friends or families.


I was able to use this a lot during our trip in the US allowing me to easily and quickly print souvenir photos of my baby to give to my relatives who I seldom see. It produces wallet-sized photos so it’s easy for them to carry around.


This printer is not exactly pocketable but you can easily stow it in your purse or bag so it won’t take up much space. It looks nice with its white textured body and is quite easy to use. The only button you’ll see is the Power button which also glows to let you know it’s turned on, charging, or low on battery. It turns off after a few minutes of inactivity to save you on battery.


There’s also only one slot that you’ll have to bother with, the covered microUSB slot for charging. This makes it easier to bring on trips as most likely, you’ll be carrying your own microUSB charger cable with you.


At the bottom side of the printer is a catch which you need to slide to open the compartment for the paper.


This printer uses ZINK or zero ink paper. Basically, the colors are already embedded in the paper and it uses heat to produce the appropriate colors per pixel. It can accommodate only a pack of ZINK paper which consists of 10 sheets. The blue paper which has the bar code should be placed at the bottom and this will come out on the first print for every pack.


The LG Pocket Photo Printer communicates to your mobile device via NFC or Bluetooth. It requires an app download which is available in iOS and Android. The app is very easy to use and allows you to rotate, crop, resize, and apply filters to your photo before printing. I noticed though that the Android version allows for more customization like adding frames.


Once done, send the photo to the printer and it will come out in about 15 seconds. Don’t expect really great quality photos here. Colors aren’t that vibrant and smooth. What you’ll get is somewhat like those filtered Instagram-like photos. I won’t suggest printing your award-winning photos with this printer.

The LG Pocket Photo Printer costs Php7,990 and the Zink paper costs Php599 which consists of 3 packs (30 sheets).

I see this device as something you can use to hand out souvenir wallet-sized photos quickly in a party or a vacation trip. Or maybe for some wacky family photos for you to display on your fridge. It’s definitely a fun and convenient photo printer to have around if you’re fond of printing pictures and giving them away.

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