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LG to jumpstart 3D TVs in 2012 with new stylish 3D glasses

3D TVs really didn’t caught up this year despite the number of 3D devices and content that were made available to consumers. One of the main reason aside from the price is that 3D glasses aren’t as good in smaller displays as compared to cinemas and that most are bulky and requires power to operate.


In LG’s case it’s a bit different. Their Cinema 3D has this panel technology that allows you to use light and battery-free 3D glasses for viewing. Way better than 3D shutter glasses that is troubled by flickering and can result to eye fatigue for some people. I was able to try out their technology called FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) and it’s indeed better than shutter glasses.

So now that LG got their 3D glasses right, they’re planning to introduce designer 3D glasses in 2012.Ā The new 3D glasses — the F310, the clip-on F320 and the a pair designed by renowned eyewear designer Alain Mikli, the F360 — are lighter and more comfortable to wear while upgraded design features such as curved lenses and clean frame structure have transitioned 3D glasses from burdensome requirements to stylish fashion accessories.

LG’s share of the global 3D TV market increased from 7.6 percent during the first quarter of 2011 to 14 percent by September. FPR’s unobtrusive technology played a key role in the company’s success in 3D TVs, as uncomfortable and expensive glasses have been identified in numerous studies as being the number one reason consumers have been reluctant to adopt 3D in the home.

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  • Griswold

    they should focus more on lowering the cost of 3D TVs. šŸ™‚

    meron na ba ditong 3D cinemas na reusable or optional yung 3d glasses for those who own one? may ganun sa singapore and brings down the cost of tickets.