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LG ushers next gen 3D TV featuring powerless 3D glasses

Earlier at an LG TV press launch, LG showcased their latest 3D TVs. The Cinema 3D TV features next generation 3D technology highlighted by a 3D glass that doesn’t require power.


Unlike their older 3D TVs, your 3D viewing won’t be interrupted by a sudden loss of power on your 3D glasses. The Cinema 3D series of LG TV uses a 3D glass technology called Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) which is way better than shutter glasses of the previous years. Cinema 3D uses a polarized film on the screen to deliver different images for the left and right eyes. These images are then matched up with Cinema 3D glasses and the result is a 3D picture that is flicker-free with less crosstalk, meaning no more dizziness and eye fatigue that might occur when wearing shutter glasses.


These FPR 3D glasses are free of electrical and moving parts meaning they are lighter and more comfortable, battery-free and cheaper as well. These LG Cinema 3D glasses are going to be priced under Php1,000 compared to shutter glasses that range from Php4,000 and above apiece. And you don’t want only one or two of these glasses, not unless there’s only two of you who’s watching the TV all the time.

Right now, only LG Cinema 3D can take advantage of these FPR glasses. The key ingredient is the polarized film that’s coating the TV which the FPR glasses recognize. It won’t work when you use it to view traditional 3D TVs out there. Same goes when you use a shutter-type 3D glass to view 3D content on your LG Cinema 3D, it won’t work.


So what’s the advantage of the Cinema 3D to the other 3D TVs currently out there aside from the use of FPR glasses? Well there’s the LG Light Boost which is a thin film that ensures 3D images are shown at their full brightness. Then there’s also the wide 180% viewing angle and flexible viewing positions because not every member of the family seats together in one couch when watching.

Smart TV

The Cinema 3D also has LG’s Smart TV technology which allows you to browse internet content straight from your TV or access media content from different devices in the network such as mobile, tablets, PCs, shared drives wirelessly. It also has a 4,000,000:1 contrast ratio and can do 2D to 3D conversion as well.

Now I feel sorry for those who bought a 3D TV recently because the technology used here in the LG Cinema 3D is clearly going to be the trend moving forward. The lightweight, battery-free 3D glasses is that a big deal when viewing 3D content.

To give you an idea on the pricing of an LG Cinema 3D TV, the 42″ goes for Php99,990 and the 47″ will go for Php134,990. There’s also a 55″ and 65″ model by the way. We were told that for every purchase of a Cinema 3D TV, you would get a free 3-month subscription to Sky Broadband internet to satisfy your web browsing needs from your TV.

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  • Messie

    Isn’t glasses free 3D viewing the true step forward in 3D entertainment? I really don’t see any advantage of 3D glasses except for, ehrm, well, people won’t see your eyes watering while watching those sad and dramatic scenes in the movies. =D

    • hahaha well yeah yun ang ultimate goal pero until mahal pa yung glassless 3D Viewing, this is the next best thing that we’ll have for a long time.

  • Wow parang nanonood lang sa Imax. Imagine powerless 3d glasses na. Sa susunod nito wala nang 3d glasses.