Listing the Sexiest Filipina Bloggers


Basang Panaginip compiles its list of the sexiest Filipina bloggers.

I’m very selective, so my feedlist includes only a handful of these girls — plus one very special lady. 😉

What do you think? Who’s on your personal list of the sexiest Filipina bloggers?

(Via Buwayahman.)

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  • Err. Yay! Syempre kahit blocked ang Blogspot blogs sa China, that wouldn’t stop meeee from going through the list.

  • I think I’m the sexiest Filipina blogger! haha

  • Very interesting 🙂 Maybe you should do a top chart and allow people to vote for the sexiest Sexiest Filipina Bloggers 🙂 You go girls! Hope you have a good weekend!

  • donna

    more show of roxanne

  • donna

    hello…plz cover nyo c Roxanne Guinoo nxt month….

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