LiteOn 1693S 16X Dual Layer DVD Writer

I bought and set up a LiteOn 1693S over the weekend. I killed my previous optical drive, a Samsung CD-RW, by mounting it vertically in my Micro-ATX casing. It slowly broke down. This new drive is rated for vertical operation. The primary use is to free up space in my hard drive, backups, and to prepare for a possible Linux reinstallation.

Here’s a full review with tests.

I tried it with various CD-R King media and cdrecord on Linux. It burned and verified perfectly with RiData 8X DVD+R (PhP 25), and a generic “OQ” 4X DVD+R (PhP 9). It was able to burn on generic blue-colored PhP6 DVD+R and DVD-R media, but it was unable to read.

I tried a purple-colored 4X DVD+RW (PhP12). This one failed to start burning on cdrecord, so I tried it under Windows with the bundled Nero Express OEM. Success. Next I’m going to try the RiData DVD+RW (PhP 50) which I didn’t buy for this run, so I could isolate the problem. It’s not a big issue if I can’t get it to work under Linux since I don’t plan on using Rewriteable media.

It would be fun to get 16X media to see the full speed of the drive, but that’s not readily available. The closest is PhP30 12X media which I plan to get from a TipidPC seller. Another expensive experiment is to try Dual Layer. This is the format used by original DVDs with 9GB worth of data for multiple formats. This sells at PhP400 up. For now, its only practical use is to back up original DVDs. Perhaps in the months to come this will go mainstream as more manufacturing plants are upgraded – unless the Blu-Ray format at 25 GB per disc changes the market.

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  • EviLcOs

    Hey…nice review! Thanks!

  • Krakista

    Are LiteOn drives manufactured in the Philippines? LiteOn has a plant in Rosario, Cavite.

  • Not this one, it’s “Made in China.” It’s my dead drive that’s “Manufactured for Samsung in the Philippines.” I hope that’s not a bad sign!

  • With Patchburn 4, I think any external DVD burner (with a USB connection) can work in an iMac. I tried it and the machine said it would work (because iDVD already recognized the burner). Namimili lang talaga ng disc.

    Don’t have to time or money to run the same tests you did, though.

  • The DVD+RW error in Linux was user error on my part. These discs need to be formatted before use.

    No time or money? I don’t have the money for a Mac! I’m on a self-assembled Peecee.

  • Iori

    I have an LG GSA-4163B. It can write and read the blue and black discs (NANYA A**) from CDR-King. However, I have the same problem /w my samsung drive I cannot read these discs. I recommend you get the white or rabbit discs (NANYA CHX) since they have better compatibility than the blue/black ones. But still, 4x is too slow! I hope they restock with the CD Square discs since they write at 8x no prob.

    Best yung Illusion discs (MC003) for me so far, writes at 12x (6:30-7:00). Don’t bother /w the Ridata 4x DVD+RW, its not very good. I suggest you try another DVD+RW disc.

  • I flashed my drive from KS04 to KS0A firmware. I can now write and verify Nanya CLX discs @ 8X. These are white “CD-R King” OEM discs.

  • gaurav

    i purchased liteon dvd writer 1 yr back
    now the problem with my dvd writer is that it can write only rewritable fails in burning dvd-r.can anybody suggest whats the reason