Lobbying for Paypal accreditation

Fellow PinoyTechBlogger J. Angelo Racoma made a powerful suggestion in this one blog post. He suggests that we lobby, probably in the executive or legislative branch of the government, a help for the Philippines to become a Paypal-accredited country. He mentioned about the online professionals benefiting for this, thus decreasing unemployment and improving the economy. I also personally see the remittance business booming if this happens.

If there’s one thing that an online community like us can actually do something tangible and worthy, this is it, IMO — lobbying for Paypal accreditation. If some people in high places will really work behind the scene, there is a greater chance of us being seen as a potentially great Paypal nation. I can even go further and suggest that we formalize a petition that may catch the atttention of more congressmen and senators.

What say you?

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  • Hmm… this means that the Philippines will have to be dead serious with improving local banks which is PayPal’s major reason why they removed the Philippines from their list of PayPal-enabled countries. Their next major reason is that banks want a very very very high cut for the revenues the Philippines will generate for PayPal (which they explained to me privately 4-5 years ago).

    I’ll support it regardless.

  • Our government loves IT sweatshops. IT sweatshops thrive on payment intermediation for IT services. You do the math.

    One word: GBuy.

    But hey, what the Hell: I support this call for PayPal in the Philippines. Digg it, people.

  • You can also DIGG the story here.

  • I think it’s possible. Ebay is in the Philippines.

  • Talking about Google’s version of Paypal (GBuy?), do you guys think Google will not have the same kind of ‘discrimination’ giving the current financial standing of the Philippines?

  • silkshadow

    If paypal is what it takes to get Pinoys to do less talking and more action, great! Banking in this country is in the stone age. Why that is? Because the banks have formed an unspoken agreement to keep it this way. What this allows is exorbiant processing fees for credit card use by the monopoly that controls credit card processing hurting small business and the consumer. It allows the banks to not have to spend a ton of money modernizing their system saving them money at the cost of their customers. It allows politicians to use the banks to do all sorts of illegal things wthout being caught. It allows companies to use the banking system to commit all kinds of crimes with tax evasion being the most benign. So, if paypal is what it takes, that is fine but there is more at stake than paypal.

  • power people-ing the government to ask a private company like paypal is not a bad idea.. however, why not ask a private company like a commercial bank to actually tie up with paypal to be their local “branch office” here in the phil which will facilitate the payment and remitances of dollaz.. anyway as what laibeous said, i think paypal’s reasons are feasible..

  • Personally I am not that optimistic about it. But there’s no harm in lobbying for it.

  • i hope philippines will become paypal-accredited

  • Count me in. Just contact me if you need another signature.

  • sali ako dyan 🙂

  • The real reason why we are not a paypal accredited country is that We are a High Risk Fraud Country. I am not proud of that tag but let’s not kid ourselves, It’s true.

    We have that status because of the CC fraud that some of our countrymen did before and still doing it now. I remember that we were banned from almost big e-commerce websites. even payment processors refused to do businesses with anyone who have a philippine ip address.

    But there is no harm of forcing ebay (the parent company of paypal) to have us accredited. sana lang wag maabuso kasi abusado tayo.

  • yeah.. we really need paypal….

  • bengz

    that’s my problem i have tons of money in my paypal account but i want to remit it in cash. i dont want to risk buying in ebay. wla ba tlga affiliated na banks?