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Local Apple Distributor promotes Philippine Podcasting

I heard news about the Philippine Podcast Central last Monday and was suprised to learn that Microwarehouse, a local Apple distributor, was sponsoring a local podcasting event. It was held at the Red Box in Greenbelt 3.

I looked at the list of podcasts they were releasing and was impressed with the line-up (which I wondered why I haven’t heard of before), only to realize that a whole lot of them were first-timers. The only one familiar to me was the podcast by PCIJ which has been running for a couple of weeks now. The 20 or so podcasts included tech magazines m|PH (with problogger Jayvee in it) & T3, philMUG, Danton Remoto (of Ladlad), Jessica Zafra (Twisted), and RJ Ledesma (of Men’s Magazine) among others.

Before blogging about this here, I wanted to listen to all of the podcasts first but there was no feed to which I can subscribe and upload directly into my 4th Gen iPod photo (which btw like the iPod Nano can also play videos when running iPodLinux and thanks to Tania for updating me with the feed). Though most of the podcasts were clearly being read off a script, I especially liked the ones by RJ Ledesma and the radio show Halikinu, already on its 15th episode (hey, why didn’t I knew about this earlier?).

Anyway, good news that the industry is supporting podcasting in the Philippines. Microwarehouse might have missed an article by Inq7 about pinoy podcasters last October 4 where they could have invited more podcasters. There’s also the vidcast, The Michael Josh Show, which is on its 14th episode; the one by Putanginamo.com with 16 episodes, Pinoy Podcast, and another one at [email protected] which I already lost count.

I sure do hope those who made their debut in podcasting for the Philippine Podcast Channel will continue to do so. I’m not sure if Microwarehouse will continue sponsoring them for the next recording sessions but it’s a start and the numbers are already growing.

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  • from what i heard, microwarehouse will be jumpstarting the podcast but will leave it up to the individuals to maintain their own broadcasts.

    on a personal note, m|PH was really planning a podcast late this year. when microwarehouse told us about this event we immediaetly took the offer.

    we’re currently in the process of working on the second m|PH podcast (http://m-ph.com)


  • Hi jayvee,

    Mejo bitin nga yung podcast nyo sa m|PH. Looking forward to hearing your next episodes.

  • there’s a long debate on how long a podcast should be. we set ourselves at a conservative 10 minutes of blabber because it was our first time.

    its nice to hear feedback that people want longer shows. 🙂

  • I’m so used to listening to Diggnation (average 30 mins) and TWiT (average (45 mins) podcasts as they can cover between 5 to 10 topics per session.

  • here’s my reply to this article: make my own: the manila cast 1.0 and 2.0

    Not slick, not corporate. Tech and Culture. BTW, the mph podcast reminds me of engadget..w/c admittedly didn’t catch my interest much because ryan and co had such monotone voices and went TOO techie most of the times. hope you can bring the vibrant filipino spirit in your podcasts. love the mag.

    the manila cast is in: http://followtheprocess.blogspot.com

  • Robert Sanchez

    Hey guys, I’ve heard of the podcast. Ok, sana kaya lang medyo kulang eh. I’ve listened to this podcast na pinoy na pinoy pero english. Try nyo lang makinig. http://www.podworx.blogspot.com Ok kasi yung talk and sounds. Very professional ang dating ng podcast nila. Sana makinig din kayo. Ganito sana ang maging basis ng lahat ng podcast para worldclass quality.

  • I think that most of the microwarehouse podcasters will not continue. My fav was by Jessica Zafra. I emailed her and she said that she will continue (when her tech guy has time). I’m now waiting for the Sharon Cuneta commercial sponsored by McDonalds.

  • pinoy vidcast(!?) there’s this long time podcast+vidcast (very nicely done) from Cebu by 3 kids. Their website is GONE due to bandwidth problems but you can find their work in http://www.youtube.com/?v=Srf4F2XNJJ0

    It’s called HITWeekly – all i can say its really not fair that Mac people make pretty good stuff because they have pretty good hardware!!! (and soft).

    jomar, podcasting from a PC. huhu

  • John G

    Now, where the hell is TOPDOGSMANILA.COM in all this microwarehouse-sponsored podcast?

    These guys are on their 33rd, non-funded podcast. They’re the real world Wayne’s World / Man Show!!!

    As far as I’m concerned, the topdogs are THE TOPDOGS of Pinoy podcasting! They kick ass, non-scripted and is perfect for a podcast… The MANUAL podcast is GAY!!!


  • Im shopping for a good inexpensive podcasting microphone..anybody with ideas what model/make and where to buy it, price too…would be appreciated!


  • ultradust

    Bo Sanchez’s Video Podcast going strong with 400+ episodes!

    Been watching Bo Sanchez’s video podcast for a year ,
    thought you might want to check it out: http://www.preacherinbluejeans.com

    He’s the only Filipino out there consistently doing this.