Local company builds Digital Video Recorders

From the hardware-oriented Linux site LinuxElectrons: Digital Video Recorder Vendor Neugent Goes for Linux:

Last October, Neugent launched the Hawkeye LX DVR Series “” a set of 16-channel and 8-channel PC-based digital video recorders running on the Linux platform, targeted for the enterprise market. Hawkeye LX DVRs feature MPEG-4 video compression at 30fps/channel (recording resolution up to 704×480 NTSC), G.723 audio compression, sensor & relay integration, digital watermark, motion detection and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) functions to name a few.

What the release doesn’t say is that this company’s development center is in the Philippines. Neugent Technologies in Salcedo Village. Even if security appliances have a small market in the Philippines – since we can easily employ security guards and other personnel – building these for foreign markets is a big opportunity. Digital Video Recorders are more than just for entertainment.

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  • another BPO opportunity for the Philippines — call center security guards!

    Pero online-security-guards in the Philippines monitoring security cameras for clients in other countries — we don’t have any competitive advantage against other low-cost-labor countries like China.

    Ah, nevertheless, here’s an opportunity to relieve our sikyos of their wand-waving duties in the malls, hehehe.

  • There is a remote monitoring business for security DVR systems in the US because the police departments are now requiring visual verification of alarms. It’s become too expensive for the PD (and the taxpayers) to check out every single incident notification. So, remote monitoring companies get the alarms and live people look at the cameras.

    I know some local call center companies are into – or trying to get – into this type of business.

  • Dear sir
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  • Vangie Dakota

    Hello guys…. in which website we can see the product? Let me have a look and compare to the current product we are providing to our customers around the globe. The truth is, they are China made and the best price.

    I am interested with features, functionality and price… then we discuss the approval required for specific market where my customer are located.

  • This video recorder is very very stagger.