Local GPS navigation device, Vector, officially launched today

GPS navigation is still not that popular in our country maybe because there’s not enough local presence here. A couple of names come into mind, AVT and carNAVI and this third one, Vector, is from the makers of Accu-maps and the CitiAtlas most cars have in their glove compartment.


We introduced the Vector V100 personal navigation device last November during their soft launch. Today, the device gets launched officially and I was able to play with it some more. I reviewed the carNAVI so I kind of have the idea on what to look out for.

Vector boasts of 38,000 Points Of Interests so I tried looking for Burgos Circle in Taguig and Metrowalk in Pasig which were not available with the carNAVI unit I tried. With Vector? They had those two locations but it took a bit of time for the results to appear. Maybe it’s because of the number of POIs they have. Vector reps told me to drill down to city or municipality if I can before searching for the POI to speed things up.


I also tried simulating a route in Buendia that will pass South Superhighway. In carNAVI, the navigation wants me to take a left turn at South Superhighway which is clearly not allowed. Vector showed the right direction by turning right at the highway before taking a U-turn.

With these simple tests, Vector showed that they really know their maps and are serious in updating it and their navigation system. Vector reps says they will release updates every quarter and that’s a good thing for your GPS device keep up with the one-ways and no u-turns that occasionally pop up in our roads. Updates are free for the first year but after that it will cost you a minimal fee of Php500 annually.


The Vector V100 is powered by the NDrive navigation software which is a leading navigation service provider in Europe. Their customers include HTC and Samsung and you can find the NDrive in some Android phones.

If you’re interested at this Vector V100 GPS, expect them to make an appearance in SM Appliance Centers and selected 7-11’s soon for Php13,900. Will see if we can ask for a review unit to try this one out.

Vector V100 Specs:

  • 4.3 inches touchscreen panel (480 x 272)
  • Ndrive 10 navigation software
  • Bluetooth hands-free calling
  • 2GB internal flash with support of up to 8GB microSD
  • FM Transmitter
  • LED light sensor
  • Extras: Calculator, Converter, Games
  • 900 mAh, 3-4 hours
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  • Adrian

    Thank you for this wonderful review! I am part of the Vector’s sales team and I participated in conducting the road test with the media. We acknowledge your presence at the launching yesterday and we hope you had a great time at the event. You have our contact number, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a more in depth product demo or if you would like to request a demo unit. Thanks again!

  • jhomar cleofe

    ,,vector v100(GPS),is so nice,,b,coz it will help u a lot,,help me to go eisier to the place i never know before,,vector will give u the most accurate way,thats why i am really impressed w/ this device.,and another good s that it only cost 13,900.

  • Anthony

    Thanks for posting! I already have one installed on my car and I am using it now. Printed maps (Accu-map) have been my reference for many years and since the makers of these maps created their own version of GPS (with a lower price), I did not think twice to have one. The maps installed are more accurate (especially in Metro Manila), also thousands of points of interests are pre-installed. Even the small streets are covered by this device. It leads me to places at the shortest possible time so I am saving my time and, of course my diesel consumption.

    Another thing is, it has voice directions feature that tell you when and where to turn left/right. It is a perfect device for me! Thanks to VECTOR! Thanks to everyone behind this wonderful device!

  • alfred dizon

    about vector v100(GPS),,one thing i really like in this device is its screen dimension,,not so big and not so small,!bcoz if its too small its so hard to look the name of the road and POI(points of interest)..,and if the screen is big its so hard to look at the front,bcoz its almost blocking your windshield,!!!!!