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Local mobile game developer releases Crazy Kite for the iOS

Zeenoh, a Philippine-based creator of mobile game applications launched its newest kid-friendly game: Crazy Kite! We already mentioned Zeenoh before when they released their first-ever iOS educational game called Numvaders back in March.

Now they’re back again with another game title for kids called Crazy Kite. The game is basically about the kite-flying adventures of Carl. Carl is a chubby, little kid who is constantly being bullied by nasty kids from his neighborhood because of his weight. One day, when Carl was walking across the neighborhood, one of the bullies throws a piece of plastic at him. Carl being gifted with a creative and adventurous mind, he decides to create a kite out of the plastic instead of fighting back. From then on, the amazing journey of Carl begins.

crazy kite

Gameplay is pretty simple, just maneuver Carl’s kite by tilting your iPod/iPhone to avoid distractions while collecting star bubbles. The number of bubbles that you have popped in the course of the game will be equivalent to your total score. Along the way, you will encounter several distractions. These are obstacles that must be avoided as crashing into them decreases your number of lives.

Just like Numvaders, the graphics is here is not something to gawk about but they are colorful and easy to look at that your kids won’t mind playing at all.

Here’s a video of the game:

For only $0.99, you can keep your kid preoccupied and at the same time stimulate his/her concentration and motivation skills by letting him/her play Crazy Kite. You can play the lite version but you get to unlock more kites and enjoy the full story mode including the Birds Nest episode, Bullies Mischief episode and more on the full version.

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  • They’re off to a nice start. Graphics is a little bit bare though, needs more polishing… Would be interesting to try once I get my ipod touch back from repair.

  • just had an awesome time dialing into #teatimeKL with @kurrik to discuss the Twitter API – huge thanks to @nazroll for putting it together!