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Local universities embrace NetSuite curriculum to keep pace with business and computing trends

NetSuite, the fastest growing financial management systems vendor in the world according to a Gartner study, just announced details on their SuiteAcademy that aims to teach NetSuite cloud solutions in college classrooms to prepare students to keep pace with 21st century business and computing trends.

Three universities in the country, Mapua Institute of Technology, De La Salle University and University of San Carlos, joins 13 other universities worldwide which includes UCLA and Purdue University to embrace “SuiteAcademy” which will put NetSuite software and professor developed curriculum in the hands of students.


NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson talks about developments and plans for their operations in the Philippines during the NetSuite Annual Media PressCon held earlier today

SAP which was the “in-thing” during my time had its days but NetSuite is now inf the forefront when it comes to cloud-based financials/ERP software suits mainly because being on the cloud avoids the hassles of systems integration, software upgrade and the high maintenance cost caused by on-premise software. With NetSuite, all you need is a web browser to keep track and/or manage your business whether it’s a small one or a multinational corporation. One of the strong suits of NetSuite is its localized taxation rules (includes Philippines) which further enhance the automation processes of the software. Imagine automatically filling up and printing an ITR form that’s compliant to the locality with ease.

NetSuite has been working with universities for years because higher education sales and accounting programs are increasingly recognizing that the same trends affecting the global business community are reflected in the classroom environment. SuiteAcademy gives students the same access to NetSuite software that companies have been benefiting for years. Combined with professor developed curriculum, students can expect to learn the entire business process end to end. Faculty new to the program can have access to online training and downloadable material, allowing them to develop custom content for their courses. Because NetSuite is delivered through the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere on campus or anywhere in the world, and not just constrained to the confines of the universities computer lab.

“As cloud computing is on the cutting edge of the IT and business commnunities, and NetSuite is a leading cloud computing company located in Makati, we have developed courses using NetSuite’s technology to help us prepare our graduates for today’s and tomorrow’s business environment,” said Dr. Rey Vea, president and CEO of the Mapua Institute of Technology.

For more information about SuiteAcademy, please visit http://www.netsuite.com/suiteacademy.

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  • Griswold

    Had a buddy who works at NetSuite and mukhang mag-grogrow pa raw yung company. i believe dito rin ata yung regional office nila which is nice for our country.

  • Anom

    my former boss now works for NetSuite and all I can it that work there is tough but they DO KNOW how to take care of their employees. 🙂

  • Nice article PTB! more noews on this things.
    This might push me to change career from SAP technology.