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Logica bypassing India, heading to Philippines

As I was looking around NanoEurope (details to be posted later) exhibition in St. Gallen, my colleague from the UK introduced me to another exhibitor. He was Indian. Upon hearing that I am Filipina, he immediately told everyone that he just lost Logica to me. In my attempt to refrain from looking stupid, I just gave him a smile.

As soon as I got to my hotel, I Google-d (again, let’s pretend it’s a verb) Logica.

Apparently, LogicaCMG is thinking of setting up operations (application management and sofware development) in the Philippines since skilled labor is cheaper than India. “œIt’s lower cost than India and there are very good people,” chief executive Martin Read said.

I sure hope that our Trade Secretary and CITEM Executive Director were able to convince Mr. Read.

You can read the whole article here.

“Logica is a major global force in IT services and wireless telecoms, with around 21, 000 people across 34 countries. In the Philippines, Globe and Sun Cellular are among Logica’s clients for SMS and MMS. The company has an offshore development center in India serving different verticals like telecom, financial services and energy and utilities among others

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  • Yup. I work with Logica products indirectly at work. Wow!

  • Uy, that’s good, right? more work going your way. According to another article when our dear Trade Sec and CITEM Exec went to Europe, they talked to a whole bunch of companies… convincing them to choose PInas in their outsourcing projects. Sus, kahit 20% lang sa kanila ma convince, good na yon for us.

  • I read in the Philippine Star business section today (in the paper edition, can’t find it online) – LogicaCMG is coming in for sure.

  • Mann

    That is good for us developers. Hindi na kelangan mag-abroad, darating na ang malalaking IT company.