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Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 Review

A lot of people use their iPad not just for entertainment purposes but also as a productivity tool. For such use, a keyboard is the most important accessory to get. Logitech in collaboration with ZAGG, the creator of the Invisible Shield, presents us an iPad keyboard case that connects via Bluetooth. Let’s see how this case complements the iPad for productivity use.

logitech keyboard case 1 logitech keyboard case 2 logitech keyboard case 5

The Logitech Keyboard Case is just what it is. A shell case made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a Bluetooth-powered keyboard inside. It’s like a keyboard with walls so you can store your iPad on it. There’s just one port on the side and it’s the microUSB for charging.

logitech keyboard case 3 logitech keyboard case 4

Using it as a case, you have to press your iPad face down onto it and let the rubber trimmings on the inside of the case hold your tablet snugly. Of course this is for storage or carriage purposes only as you can’t use your iPad when using this keyboard as a case.

logitech keyboard case 6

They keyboard itself is actually nice and easy to use with raised keys unlike ultra-thin keyboards out there that feels like you’re typing on a surface. Tactile feedback on this keyboard feels like you’re typing on a laptop so it provides a good typing experience. My only complaint here is that the sides of my hands kept on hitting the raised edges of this case. Not really debilitating but uncomfortable at times.

logitech keyboard case 7

Size of the mostly-used keys are quite ample for such a portable accessory and it even has the Command key for easy keyboard copy-pasting which we definitely dig. You’ll also get some useful shortcut keys on top like Home, Search, Volume Toggle, Media Playback, etc.

logitech keyboard case 8 logitech keyboard case 9

On the upper right portion is the Power switch and the Connect button. Press the Connect so the keyboard will make itself available via Bluetooth. Go to your iPad and allow it to pair with it and key in the PIN code on the keyboard to successfully pair the device. Succeeding pairing is as easy as turning this keyboard on.

logitech keyboard case 10

Docking your iPad into this keyboard case is as easy as inserting it on the recessed slot in either landscape or portrait mode. There’s no locking mechanisms but we find the fit stable. Pushing your iPad backwards won’t dislodge it. What I won’t suggest is using this on your lap as the keyboard is light and the weight of the iPad might pull the whole setup off your lap.


The Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 gave me one of the most pleasant typing experience I’ve used for a tablet keyboard. I won’t suggest using this as a case to bring with you anywhere since aside from leaving the back of your iPad bare, you simply can’t use it without taking it out off the case.

logitech keyboard case 11

I see this keyboard case as a desktop fixture where you dock your iPad if you want to do some heavy typing, then place it face down when you’re done. If you want to use your iPad as a tablet somewhere else, you might want to have an easy slip-on case handy nearby. Or if your existing case can also be used as a stand, use that instead and still use this as a wireless keyboard for it.

The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 retails for about Php3,500.

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  • Griswold

    although it looks nice, i dont find it practical removing your primary case just to use this keyboard. hindi rin naman pwede eto maging primary case ng ipad mo.

  • Snowbird

    Where can I buy this Logitech keyboard for new iPad?

  • Tech drifter

    Where can I buy Logitech Bluetooth keyboard in Manila? And is this available in white?

    • only seen it in one color. try the big stores like silicon valley, octagon, villman. there’s also a logitech concept store in sm megamall.