Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse Review

The Logitech M525 looks just like your typical, everyday, simple wireless mouse. What Logitech is proud about in this mouse is its long battery life. The company claims it can go for up to three years on a single pair of AA batteries. Three years! You might even forget that it runs on batteries.

logitech m525 01

I’ve been using this mouse for about two weeks now and I can say that it’s one of the unassuming but better Logitech products out there.

logitech m525 02

Packaging is very simple and inside you’ll get a manual that you probably won’t read, Logitech’s Unifying nano-receiver, a pair of AA batteries, and your snazzy-looking mouse.

logitech m525 03

The lower curve panel of the mouse is removable and this is where you put your batteries. It also has a slot where you can store the nano-receiver when not in use.

logitech m525 04

For those who are not familiar with the Logitech Unifying receiver, it’s a receiver that can handle multiple compatible Logitech products such as keyboards, headsets, etc. so you don’t have to occupy multiple USB ports for your peripherals. You have to download a small Logitech Unifying software so you can program which peripherals the nano-receiver controls.

logitech m525 05

The underside has the latch for the battery compartment and the On/Off switch if you want to save batteries when you’re done using it. It also has a smart sleep mode that saves power when the mouse becomes inactive after a period of time.

Using the Logitech M525 mouse is very simple and easy. Just plug in the Unifying receiver, turn on the mouse and you’re good to go. It works from Windows XP even up to Windows 8 with no additional downloads or install. Mac OS X 10.5 and Linux 2.6 users can also take advantage of the M525.

logitech m525 06

The mouse itself is designed symmetrically so left and right-handed person can equally use it without any problems. The curve feels natural especially the indention on the click buttons. It should work for most people but I still suggest you try it out first. I don’t have large hands but I still feel the size of the M525 lacking on the tail-end. Maybe it’s my type of grip wanting more shape from this mouse’s behind.

Tracking with Logitech’s Advanced Optical Technology is really good for normal use and casual gaming. It even tracks pretty well on glass and glossy tiles. I even managed to play Diablo III using my bed as a gigantic mousepad without any issues.

logitech m525 07

What I really like here is the scroll wheel which has more grooves per millimeter. This accounts for the smooth, fast scroll action giving you more travel in just a few scrolls if you wish to. You can also tilt the scroll wheel left and right to move back or forward when viewing websites.

The Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse is already available in stores and retails for Php1,975. It comes in red, blue, green, white, and black, which is the one that we have. It’s a bit steep for an everyday mouse but it’s also a nice investment considering the excellent battery life, smooth-scrolling, and precise tracking you can get out of this mouse.

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  • Griswold

    wow… 2k is still a lot. i’d rather get a decent but cheap wieless mouse (like A4Tech) and buy rechargeable batteries and another pair of spares.

    • james prado

      if you are an i.t user you probably know what is logitech compare to your a4tech.

  • John

    Yeah I agree about logitech, I like their equipment, but what lets down any battery driven equipment in the Philippines are the batteries, I have thrown out so many remotes and mouse etc, as batteries here do leak and corrode the terminals. I should not have to keep replacing the bats even when they are still only half used. Forget about expired dates, that does work here, your ignored or told the receipt is over a week old, so get lost….
    Sorry for the rant, but nobody is really interested in the consumer, just the profit.