Logitech Mini Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Review

Portable speakers are really convenient especially when you want more power from your audio when needed. What we have here is the Logitech Mini Boombox which is essentially a portable Bluetooth speaker but packs more than the usual package.

Logitech Mini Boombox 1

The Logitech Mini Boombox is quite attractive for a portable speaker. It has an oval-shaped plastic body with a glossy top for a sleek perspective without feeling cheap. The sides have a rubberized finish and our red unit which gives this speaker a bit of style. It also comes in boring black if you want it that way.

Red LED touch-sensitive controls are located on top which includes the BT pairing button, Volume Up and Down, Play / Pause and even Previous and Next Track.

Logitech Mini Boombox 2

At the back of the unit you’ll find the volume control, mini-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm audio-In port. Wished it uses a microUSB port though so it can share cables with our smarpthones.

Logitech Mini Boombox 3

For a compact speaker it only weighs 230g which is light considering it has a 700mah battery inside.

Equipped with two 3W speakers, the Mini Boombox delivers pleasantly clear audio. Since it has a built-in subwoofer, this speaker can also power your bassy tunes more than your typical portable speakers like the X-Mini.

On high to almost max volume you may encounter a little distortion but even at mid-level, the volume is quite powerful already. It can sufficiently fill up a small room, and is loud enough to be used even outside like parks, parking lots, even on a basketball court.

A thing of note though, when playing music with too much bass, you might be annoyed that the unit vibrates vigorously which is not safe if left unattended on a table. Such is the price of having a light speaker.

Bluetooth is the main feature of this Boombox. You can even answer your calls via the unit since it has a built in microphone. It’s quite an attention grabber if you will use it in public but it’s a decent speakerphone when at home or inside your small office.

Pairing the device is easy. We found out that using a smartphone requires no more password but if you will use other devices or featurephones with Bluetooth, a simple password is needed to pair up. As long as your phone has Bluetooth with A2DP support, its compatible with the Boombox. We also noticed that in some occasions while paired with a smartphone, we would encounter sudden disconnections and the speaker would simply reconnect after a minute or two. Our guess is it’s because of the interference of radio signals here in Ortigas Center.

Device Range is up to 10 meters without any obstructions, which is standard for Bluetooth-enabled devices. It’s really convenient to have Bluetooth speaker such as this Boombox in occasions like dance practices where you don’t have to go back to the player just to control your music. Plus, since it’s battery powered, it is portable to bring and make it a BoomBox on-the-go.

Logitech Mini Boombox 4

Battery life stays up to 10 hours with its 700mah battery. Using it on a Baguio trip I was able to squeeze 6 1/2 hours in full volume and paired with Bluetooth. You can get more out of it if you use the 3.5mm audio jack instead of Bluetooth though. I was able to use it more than 13 hours watching 4 movies, enough for a movie marathon before it started asking for the charger.


Having tried this Logitech Mini Boombox for more than a month, I can definitely say that it’s a portable speaker worth recommending. It delivers more than sufficient volume, clarity and bass plus the Bluetooth connectivity makes it worthy of its Php3,000 price tag. It’s a little expensive compared to other brands but with a louder output and bigger battery capacity, it’s actually a good buy for a portable wireless speaker.

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Eason de Guzman with some slight revisions by the editor. Eason is a technology enthusiast who always try to get the latest gadgets without getting broke. He’s also into KPOP, making a point into dressing like a KPOP artist and usually has a hand on KPOP related events in the country.

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  • This was one of what I was looking into before I went and bought the Divoom Bluetune-1. One advantage of the Bluetune-1 was you can connect it to a much larger speaker system to effectively let the latter to have bluetooth capability.

  • Richard

    I have one of those, its true that it shakes quite a bit especially when it comes to bass songs. Pero its a very nice speaker, i just wished the touch enabled sensors were more friendly. I tend to always press one by accident.

    • Eason

      At first I always tend to press the touch sensors but I learned to hold the speaker on the sides to avoid accidents.

  • Hay deuts! I have just received it and there is lot of connectivity problem. breaking my head man.

    • Eason

      You live in a place with a lot of radio signals, unfortunately I encounter that in our office. Especially the Radio of security guards.

    • Griswold

      ganyan talaga panget sa bluetooth… pagnatapat ka sa mga gumagamit ng maraming wireless or bluetooth signals apektado ka.

  • Rei

    This one’s nice, might recommend it to music lovers and dancers. 🙂

  • wis

    built in subwoofer??? thought there’s only 2 3W speakers?

    • Eason

      the subwoofer is located below the touch buttons, you can see the opening on the photo where the back part is shown.

      • speakerboy

        That is not a subwoofer. That is a passive radiator only since the radiator does not have its own coil. It just uses the air from the mid-high drivers to produce bass.

  • azoomer

    Availability? Where to buy? I have called three villman branches, no luck.


  • James

    Where do you buy it in the Philippines?

  • Samuel Rosario

    where i can by miniboombox speaker>