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Logitech T650 Wireless TouchPad Review

With the rise of touch interface driven by Windows 8, it makes sense to have a peripheral device that would complement this trend for those PCs that do not have a touchscreen. Logitech’s response is the T650 ““ a wireless rechargeable touch pad.


This touch pad looks very sleek with its black finish and sturdy build quality, which complements Logitech’s line of other peripherals. It works through Logitech’s unifying receiver ““ which is great if you already have other wireless Logitech products because it will save you a USB port. Don’t worry if you don’t have a unifying receiver because the box will include one and also a micro-USB cable to charge the device.

Logitech-T650-02 Logitech-T650-03 Logitech-T650-04

The T650 gestures are optimized for Windows 8, but also work well with Windows 7. Gestures include clicks, navigation, some Windows shortcuts, and some Windows control. There are only 3 gestures missing for Windows 7 that are available in Windows 8. Those gestures are accessing Windows 8 Charms, Start screen, and Application menu.

For a comprehensive list and description of available gestures, visit Logitech’s T650 page here.

I don’t have a Windows 8 computer so here’s some of my experience using the T650 on Windows 7. The surface feels responsive and really smooth to the touch and has a slight traction to it to provide a tactile sensation. One gesture that I found nice to use was the pinch to zoom gesture. Aside from the internet browser, the gesture works on different apps like MS Office and Windows Explorer. In Explorer, pinching in and out will toggle the different view modes from the extra-large icon view to the content view.

The gesture for application switching in Windows 7 also opens a nice bonus interface from Logitech that looks like Mac’s mission control. In Windows 8, it looks like a gesture will have to be configured to get to the application switcher interface. Note that the application switcher is not unique to the T650 as it is also available for other Logitech devices that work with Logitech’s SetPoint software. Unfortunately the application switcher is buggy for multiple display setups at the moment.


Battery life is claimed to last up to 1 month, and recharging takes 3 hours. The device can be used while charging it so no need to worry about running out of batteries as long as you’ve got a micro-USB cable.


At Php3,397, you can own this nifty device and it really make sense to take advantage of the touch optimized Windows 8 if you don’t have a touch screen. Would this substitute the mouse? Well, it’s hard to play games with a touchpad. But if you’re not a gamer, you can ditch the mouse and use the T650 for basic internet surfing and work.

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  • Carlo

    is it available in the ph? where can i buy one?

    • try those big PC chains like silicon valley and octagon. there’s also a logitech concept store in sm megamall cyberzone